Monday, March 26, 2007

Pictures and X-rays

First, we had the opportunity to have the girls’ pictures taken Saturday morning. I rushed out Friday to find them something to wear, and we pulled it together. I think they look great. We just bought pictures over Christmas, so we won't be buying up a lot. But, I do get a free 8x10 to pick from. It will be hard to choose!

Jadyn had her yearly appointment at Scottish Rite today. Jake and I both went to hear about her progress. For those new to our family saga, Jadyn has hip dysplasia and has been treated at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital since she was 1. She has been through traction and three different casts, but has been free from all treatment for a year. So, we were anxious to hear the news! She had an X-ray that showed improvement and healing. She does not have to come back for another 2 years! This orthopedic hospital will treat Jadyn until she is 18, and we are so grateful for the awesome care she receives there. We have several traditions at Scottish Rite: popcorn upon entering and soft serve ice cream at the end. Jadyn, Bryn and Jake also went up to the Child Life center to play for a while: Jadyn beat her Dad twice in air hockey! Bryn loved the kitchen center and all the new toys. It was a good day.

I found out that I might have to wait a few weeks for chemo, which I thought would restart this week. The jury is still out as Dr. Euhus said two weeks after surgery and Dr. Haley said 1 month. I am anxious to start as my hip is acting up and I know that the chemo was helping those tumors diminish. For now, I take my pain meds regularly and have started exercises for my arm. I am getting better each day.



Lynne said...

Darling photos and wonderful news on Jadyn...we are on a "road trip" to California and Mexico for a few days. We are home early April...
Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

The pictures are adorable! Can I purchase one? Let me know and I will send you the $$$.

Glad to hear that Jadyn is doing well.

Whether the chemo is two weeks or 1 month, the time will fly and will be here before you know it. If you need to use some time, you can always come to NY again, the boys have spring break next week ( =.

Have a safe trip Lynne and Dave.

Love to all,

Sarah said...

I am loving the pictures of the girls! I can't imagine trying to choose just a few (although, I want the one of the three of them sitting under the tree if I can buy one!). I am much impressed by the fact that you threw together those outfits in just a day -- they're perfect! (Adorable for the little ones, and gorgeous on Katelyn!)
I am so excited that Jadyn's hip is doing great. Nothing's going to slow that girl down!

It's a strange situation to be looking forward to chemo treatments! Well, I hope they come soon and with few side effects!

Anonymous said...

beautiful girls and a lovely family. Hang in there Jessica. Your courage and strength still inspire me each day. I am now calling those flying yard bugs " tickle bugs" Way to go Jake.

Amy said...

We love the pictures! Your girls are simply cute, adorable, and gorgeous. I am also impressed at your ability to "throw together" such adorable outfits so quickly. Boy clothes aren't nearly that cute. Maybe Sprout will be a girl! :-)
Praise God for Jadyn's appointment. That is such awesome news. We will continue to pray for God's perfect timing regarding your upcoming chemo. He is sovereign.
Amy, Erik, Luke and Sprout

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for nearly 2 years now and you will never know how much you have blessed my life! I have never met you, yet I feel like I know your family so well. You have a beautiful family - inside and out! Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us! May God continue to pour blessings on you!

Cathy Batlle said...

Pretty, pretty girls! You will cherish those pictures for years and years! Our kids are 24,20, and 15, and we still have baby pics and little kid pics all over the house!
Glad to hear that all is going well. We think of you often and have our church give you a "shout out" every Sunday!
Take care!
Cathy and Daniel Batlle