Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jess to stay another night

Jess is staying another night at the lovely Hilton de Zale Lipshy. There she will be able to take in a scenic view of downtown Dallas and be waited on hand and foot. She'll enjoy room service for every meal and be waited on by a staff whose only concern is her well being. Her arm is still painful enough for her not to be ready to deal with three kids just yet. Instead she will be coming home tomorrow morning from the hospital.

All three of our kids react to bugs as if they were deadly axe murders. You have may have heard their screams the last couple of nights as bugs have started coming out with the warm weather. Well Jadyn and Bryn were playing outside when they came across a gecko. Geckos are small lizards that are very plentiful where we live. Most of them are only an inch or two, but they found one that was about three inches. Well much to my surprise Jadyn got a net and caught it. Even more surprising is what Bryn called it. She called it an "Icko." For those of you who don't like creepy crawly things that name should sound just perfect.


Anonymous said...

Skunks (which we have a lot of in NY) Ryan while he was growing up would always call it a 'stunk'. I would never correct him, I agreed 'stunk' was a better name then 'skunk'.

Gald to hear that you are home and resting now Jess.

Let Grandma spoil you for awhile, you have earned it.

Love, Aunt Janette

P.S. - mom, Jess likes coffee ice cream and werther candies ( =

Mil said...

To use a quote from Elizabeth...."IT's ALL ABOUT ME" that is YOU, Jess.

Let them spoil're worth it.