Thursday, March 1, 2007


Well, hello there!

I have been super busy with my Dad in town last weekend and then the first part of the week racing like a mad woman trying to put together the program for Katelyn's 6th grade musical at school. You might think, it is just a program, what is the big deal. However, this is Wood Elementary. And, everything is bigger at Wood. For example a normal program might consist of a list of the cast and an order of acts and scenes. This was the Wood program five years ago. That said, each year has gotten bigger and more elaborate. This year, we have 18 pages of ads from local businesses or parents wishing their kids to "Break a Leg!" along with photos, and the normal order of events... This year, as to keep the bigger and more elaborate tradition, I added a full color cover page! I bet when Jadyn and Bryn are in 6th grade, the program will consist of a full color spiral bound keepsake journal and program guide!

That said, it is fun to be a part of something so special for the kids. They are all making memories to last a lifetime. The kids did another dress rehearsal today and will again tomorrow for the school kiddos. The real performances are Friday and Saturday nights.

Well, as I was saying ealier, my Dad was in from Portland Oregon. He left on Monday. We all had a great time. When he comes down, it is like he has always been here. I love seeing Dad and Cindy more often. We went to all the kids events. He got to see Jadyn almost blown away playing soccer in one of the windiest days we have ever had!!

Then, he got to go with me to take Katelyn to cotillion (dance) where this month was a country western theme. She had a blast, and Dad and I enjoyed taking her to dance and then out to a restaurant that had a big dance floor for Katie and her friends to dance and play for several more hours!

We went to go see a great movie, Bridge to Terabithia. I liked it a lot. Dad and I had to keep telling the little ones, "it is all in their imagination" on the scary parts, and "aren't we having fun!!" on all the other parts! Yet, they are still talking about the movie and how much fun they had! Monday, Dad spent some time with the little ones at the mall carousel and out for one last lunch before he had to head back home.

I got word from Dr. Euhus this week. He called to tell me that my MRI was clear, yet he wanted to consider surgery to remove the lymph nodes on my right arm. He met with the other doctors on his team and with Dr. Haley and they all had the same consensus. I am going to go in to the hospital in a few weeks for a minor surgery to remove the nodes. I will spend the night in the hospital, and then spend two weeks taking it easy on my arm in general. Tell that to three little girls! Actually, they have adapted to my not being able to lift them lately due to weakness in my back and hip. I am thankful they are a little bigger now and as a friend mentioned not in a body cast (re: Jadyn one year ago in March!) I have to be off chemo for a month before the surgery as chemo lowers your immune system. I also have to be off another drug I am on (Avastin) that had a side effect of slow healing. So, I got to skip treatment today, as I will for the next few weeks, in preparation for the surgery.

I will keep you better updated as the week goes on.
Take care,


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures of your dad. Glad that he could come share some time with you and your family. Priceless!

Love, janette

p.s. I couldn't sleep last night ( =

Anonymous said...

Jess-- your photos and the account of Wood Elementary's musical were great. It is obvious that you had a very full and exciting weekend, especially with your Dad in town. We will kepp you in our prayers. ..your three active girls will keep you motivated (and be a big help0, and be sure to take your time recovery from your up coming surgery.

Love, Lynne and Dave

Amy said...

Hey Jess,
Erik and I can't believe how beautiful your girls have grown! What a blessing from the Lord they are to you and Jake. We will be praying for God's perfect timing in your recovery and that He will enable you to take it easy on your arm. He is so faithful.
Amy, Erik, Luke, and Sprout

Amy Sayegh said...

The pictures are great! Glad you are able to travel this weekend. Enjoy your aunt Janette. I would love to see you, but understand you have a short trip.
God Bless,