Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things

I and the Yikes saw Betty tonight for the first time since her surgery tonight. She is looking forward to being transferred to a rehab hospital soon. Anything else I could write tonight is going to pale in comparison to tomorrow-- it's going to be a be a great day. On Facebook, there has been a chain reaction of people writing 25 things about themselves, so I thought I would do that here tonight.

1. I grew up playing baseball; it wasn't until my junior year of high school that I started playing soccer.
2. My three hobbies are Bryn, Jadyn, and Katelyn
3. I was born in Massachusetts when my dad was stationed there while training for the Green Berets. I lived in Germany until I was three, but since then have lived in Michigan, Washington state. Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Texas.
4. I generally don't read books by female authors. Mainly because I don't want to hear descriptions of what exact color the house was or the entire descriptions of what the people are wearing. The book I'm currently reading though is by a female: it's the last book of the Twilight series.
5. I love listening to music. Just recently I've started liking country although I'm partial to Christian punk or rock.
6. I hate glitter. It's like girly sand and gets everywhere
7. I'm allergic to a ton of stuff including cats and dogs. I get allergy shots and take medicine.
8. I'm the oldest of five children
9. I hate horror movies. I prefer action or comedies.
10. The best bible study I ever did was Experiencing God
11. I would much rather be cold than hot, so Texas summers are miserable for me. I have so many good friends here and family that I love it here though
12. My first teaching job was teaching soccer at a preschool
13. The only class I've ever failed is Chemistry. I had to take it over in college.
14. My siblings and I (Hannah) excluded graduated from a small high school. I graduated 6th unlike my siblings who al graduated Valedictorian
15. I got all A's while getting my Master's degree in Education except for one "B." The "B" was in a survey of Shakespearian tragedies where we read and wrote a paper on all of his plays that were tragedies.
16. My favorite place to relax is in a hammock outside but we don't have one
17. Some day I am going to go on a mission trip to China
18. I love cheering for the Underdog
19. I am rarely serious but I seriously care about people
20. I want to contribute in some way as a family to Weekend Backpacks on Jessica's birthday in September
21. I have a short attention span and I get distracted easily
22. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast
23. I'd rather visit and stay with family and sleep on an air mattress then sleep in luxurious bed in a five star hotel
24. I like the age I am now and have always been content with whatever age I am
25. I dislike it when people look down on others because of what state they live in, what college they went to, what job they have or any other nonsense like that


Anonymous said...

Re #14 - You graduated 6th in your high school class, while working part time, being a support to the younger ones (esp a role model for your brother), and your family was living on (well lets just say not very much). I would say you got an A in life even before you were 21!
Meg and Phil, who knew you guys then

Anonymous said...

Ha! I loved your "25 things" but I have to take issue with #4--plenty of male authors are also guilty of describing the "wallpaper" rather than getting on with the story. And, please, the Twilight series is teen erotica at its trashiest--I hope you have discovered the joys of the Harry Potter series to cancel that out.

'Glad to hear how well you and the girls are doing.

Anonymous said...

#3 You also lived in California for a little while- before (San Diego) and after Germany (Chula Vista).

Anonymous said...

See - this is where you and Jessica differed, giver her a 5 star hotel an luxurious bed anytime!

23. I'd rather visit and stay with family and sleep on an air mattress then sleep in luxurious bed in a five star hotel

Anonymous said...

Jake - I loved your list of 25. Learned alot about you today.


Al Rearick said...

Reading the Harry Potter books will only reinforce Jacob's argument. Take out all of the detailed detail of all the details, as well as all of the sub-sub-sub-plots that have absolutely nothing to do with the storyline, and you MAYBE have a three-volume series.

In Him and around the corner (and to the point),


Amy said...

#10 - Seriously awesome study! I did it in college and was totally amazed.
#23 - I'm with you. When we travel to Puyallup we always stay with good friends and it is the best part of the trip. Perhaps we will have to crash at your place someday.
Amy and Crew

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,
I enjoyed your list! I went to see the movie Twilight with Bailey and her friends, well not really with them I couldn't sit by them:) so I sat a few seats down. Anyway, I loved the movie and the girls want me to read the Twilight series. They tell me it's "way better" than the movie! Thank you for sharing! Praying for you and the girls. P.G. Oh, Jake it sounds like the girls had fun at the dance! I got to see Jadyn's pretty polished nails today:) They sure are beautiful girls!!