Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finishing Gilda's

Tonight was our last night of grief support at Gilda's because it was just a 6 week class. It was a really neat ending tonight. All of us are very different in the group, but we all have been dealing with the loss of a loved one and that has transcended boundaries and we've grown close. A lot of them are going to continue with another grief support group at Gilda's, but I feel like the Warm Place is the right place for our family.

I had a really neat conversation with Jessica's boss at Texas A&M this morning. She has left several messages at home about observing student teachers in the future, but up until today I didn't feel up to calling her. I was glad I called. She lost her husband in an automobile accident about a year ago and so was able to reach out to me even though we had never talked before. I thought it was really neat when she said she would have her prayer group pray over our family.


Anonymous said...

Jake, I was so glad you had an opportunity to visit with the awesome lady who worked with Jessa through A&M's teacher prep. program. I had emailed her after Jess passed away as supervising teachers was something Jess loved, even in the midst of treamtment. Did you know that they didn't know Jess had cancer until this past March? Jess never complained, never acted sick, never let anyone see stupid cancer in her. I bet the teachers she supervised are better people and educators for having known her. I love you, Jake.


Al Rearick said...

Jake, I stopped by a couple of times this weekend to drop off a campfire invitation for you and the girls, but also (and even more importantly) to tell you who is taking WARM Place Facilitator Training with me: do you remember Annie Chang? She was the Intake Coordinator who interviewed you. At lunch during Facilitator training yesterday, we were talking about her intern duties and what she will be doing once she's done being an intern. When Annie mentioned that she helped with the intake coordination, I told her about "a friend of mine who was coming in March with his three daughters." Annie's eyes lit up and she asked who my friend was. When I said your name, she said, "Oh my gosh! I interviewed them," and proceeded to tell the story about how nervous she was because no one else was there to interview and how she apparently took it upon herself to interview y'all. Annie then asked me if y'all were still planning on coming to the WARM Place and I told her that you and the girls are very much looking forward to starting the WARM Place. A look of relief washed over Annie, and I asked her why she was worried. She was afraid she'd messed up and was worried that she'd scared y'all off. She related to me how sweet all of you were/are, and how adorable your girls are. So she was very happy to find out that y'all were still planning on coming to the WARM Place. To which I replied, "Yeah, that's assuming *I* haven't scared 'em off!" :-)

Anyway, watch your mail but please know that you and the girls are invited to the campfire this Friday at my house.

In Him and around the corner (and a pest; ask Katelyn),