Thursday, February 5, 2009

Warm Place

Alright, it's official Bryn has gone four nights without nightmares. She still could have a nightmare tonight-- I don't think that the pattern has been broken forever, yet I'm very hopeful and excited that she won't be having them so often.

We got a tour of the Warm Place today. It's set up a lot like Gilda's Club with comfy rooms for groups to meet in. The big difference is that Gilda's centers on adults with programs for the children that come with them while The Warm Place centers on kids with programs for the adults that bring them. I was excited to find out that I get to go on the same nights as my friend Jay, who also lost his wife to cancer last year. The best thing though is that they definitely have a teen group. All of us are a little nervous about going, but left feeling OK. The sessions are every other week and we'll start in March.

Two more days to the Daddy-Daughter dance, Woo-hoo!


Al Rearick said...

Amen and hallelujah! Another nightmare-less night (it's Friday morning as I type, here's hoping it was five in a row!) and a great experience at the WARM Place. Oh I am so thrilled for you all. My only hope is that Jadyn and Bryn are comfortable enough to be able to share their stories/experiences in the same group. You (and they) may be interested to know that the leaders/facilitators generally break the groups into smaller groups, so that it gives siblings who are close in age a chance to talk without worrying about how it will affect their sibling. (This may not be a problem for the Yikes, as it's more aimed at older kids, but the opportunity is there nonetheless)

While reading your post, I thought "What a day!" Don't know if you've heard of Phil Keaggy, but when he found Christ/Christ found him, he wrote a song called "What a Day." That started going through my head, and I wanted to share it with you. However, the lyrics don't really sync up with the spirit of the situation, but they're reassuring enough that they bear posting here for you and anyone else who may be touched by them:

When I get Home I will see all
The holy men I read about.
Peter and John, James, Luke, and Paul
And brother Tom without a doubt.
And I do believe there will be
King David at the harp
A song of praise with every chord.
What a sight to see, the redeemed and
The angels gathered round worshiping the Lord.
What a day that will be
Oh what a day that will be!

When we get Home, our Eternal Home
There'll be no more sick and dying.
No one is sad, no one is alone
And there will be no more crying.
He will wipe away every tear
From His children's eyes
And put a smile upon their faces.
What a happy day when we see
Our Lord in Paradise
Crowned as King of Kings.
What a day that will be
Oh what a day that will be!

What a day, what a day,
What a day that will be..........

In Him and around the corner (and looking forward to that day for all of us),


JudyO said...

Silly man, your whole life is a Daddy-daughter dance. How wonderful for you and your girls.
Judy O

Jaseti said...

The Warm Place is a great organization. My family heard about it from my cousin, who attended after her father passed away when she was young. We went for almost a year with our oldest, 5, after our youngest son passed away. The people are great and I found it a great opportunity to show the love of Christ in an awful situation.