Monday, February 9, 2009

Jessica's Influence

Tonight I cooked a chicken and rice casserole. The rice tasted good inside the casserole. so I think that should count as the first time I have made rice right. Last night I even made a side. You are probably thinking what's the big deal about a side-- well, it is a big deal for someone who has just started making main dishes again.

I think Jessica's influence in people's lives was simple yet impactful. So far I know of two teams that are walking in the three day in her honor. One has on it a teacher named Carol who has had breast cancer and teaches at my school. Another is going to be called team CouraJess and has its leaders two of Jessa's close friends, Alyson and Shelly. Perhaps even more amazing is the story of two people who were student-leaders in the college group that Jess and I led. Their names are Jeremy and Rachel and they dated and then got married. Her doctors told Rachel that she would not be able to get pregnant except by In-Vitro. What a miraculous surprise then when she found out that she was going to have twin girls! Late last month, they honored our family by naming them Jessica and Kaitlyn (they liked that spelling of it better).
Here they are:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jeremy and Rachel - what beautiful girls they now have!

Al Rearick said...

Jessica's influence.... man, where do I stop? Thank God I can't! How many of us were touched by her though we never met her? How many of us are touched by you guys, though we'd never met prior to Jess's passing?

Here it is I still am getting to know you guys, and I feel compelled (as do others) to come here and offer prayers and encouragement to you all. Why? Because we read about what a wonderful person Jess was; we see what good folks y'all are. And who knows how many lives you and the girls have touched?

In Him and around the corner (and thanking Him for the whole Kaylor clan),


Marla said...

What beautiful babies and what a sweet way to honor your family. Congrats on the meal, sounds like you're getting the hang of rice! :)

Jason said...

too cool!

Anonymous said...

hi I touched base with your aunt sandy this morning at drop off and she tells me that someone got you a rice cooker. Thank goodness that was going to be my next suggestion.

I also wanted to tell you that I had Jessica in my heart and mind last year while I was doing my first 3 Day and catching up with your family on this blog put me over the tipping point to sign up again for this year. I will be doing it for the second time with my friend who is a survivor after having breast cancer while pregnant with her daughter who is now a happy healthy 2nd grader.

Ann (tvs family)