Friday, February 27, 2009

Is it Spring Break yet?

I just got back from a fortieth birthday party of a friend of mine. Katelyn was a sweetheart and watched the Yikes so I could go. It was really nice just to visit with people (old friends and some people I'd never met before) and not have to keep up with the kids too. Tomorrow is one of the busiest Saturdays we've ever had. Bryn has her last basketball game, then we go to Bryn's end of the year party, Jadyn's first soccer game, and then a birthday party that the whole family will go to. All of it is fun stuff, but I think I will come home and crash. I appreciate all the prayers being offered for me and my family-- they help us get through each day.


Nita Cobb said...

I was visiting my friends at Boles yesterday and spotted Katelyn in one of the classrooms. She's prettier than ever!

Al Rearick said...

Hey Jake!

Glad you had a good time at your friend's birthday party; you and the girls were certainly missed at our party, though! :-)

Prayers continually for y'all!

In Him and around the corner (and would be honored to help transport little ones to various functions),