Wednesday, May 7, 2008

7 Days and Counting

Bryn's birthday was April 26th but her party will be this Saturday. We are very much hoping that Jess will be able to come. I'm going to get some training on Friday on how to safely transport her from the wheelchair to the car. Then hopefully Jess will be able to get a day pass to travel to Arlington to her mom's house where the party will be at. I don't think the trip will be easy but Jess has been able to do increasingly more difficult things with PT-- I think she really excels at challenges. She also spoke with her radiology oncologist this week and they talked about starting radiation as soon as the end of next week. Here's a Yikes story for you. We have been testing out our house by riding around in a wheelchair. Well, the Yikes came rushing up to me and yelled that they had breaked the wheelchair. The English teacher in me asked if they had broken it. "No," they said pulling me by the hand. They were right, they had figured out how to lock the brakes on the wheelchair so they had indeed "braked" it.

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