Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Helping Hands

If there were one scripture that summarized the day today it would be "Do not be anxious about anything but by prayer and petition present your requests to God..." I had a jam-packed day with lots of stuff that seemed like it was going to go wrong, but it really turned out OK. The best thing about today ended up buying a car. Most people wouldn't consider a used car as their perfect car but this one seemed to be perfect for Jess, a 2004 Honda Accord (thank you Michael). The three neatest features I think are leather seats (so she can slide easily from wheelchair to car seat), electric controls of the passenger seat (no leg power needed), and a navigation system (this last one is just cool). Also there is plenty of room in the trunk for her wheelchair. I am anticipating our needs shifting slightly as Jess comes home, so to prepare for that I went to Lance Armstrong's site"Lotsa Helping Hands" and created a site for Jess. The site has a calendar where we can specify exactly what we need and when we need it. I think it sounds pretty neat because people can sign up only for something they would enjoy doing and for us it gives a central location to coordinate everything. The site is set up to be invite only so send me an email with "Helping Hands" in the subject area and in your message put your first and last name. The email I've set up for this is kaylorhelpinghands@yahoo.com


Natalie said...

love the new pictures on the sidebar of the girls!!!

Lynne said...

Jake--- Brilliant Idea ....I wish we were closer and could be helping hands..Love, Lynne

Sharon Schander said...

You probably don't remember me; we are old friends of Mike and Charlene. Mike has been keeping Jim up to date with how you are doing. My daughter Angie was in your 2nd or 3rd grade class at St. Rita School. She lives in North Richland Hills and has a 6 month old girl, Julia and 7 year boy, Jordan, that she is trying to adopt. As I see, you have 3 beautiful children as well.
We want you to know that we all keep in in our prayers daily. You have a wonderful spirit and are an inspiration to us all.
My daughter Jamie and I will be walking in the 3 Day in November and will keep you in our thoughts as we train. Maybe we will run into your Mom.
Sharon Schander