Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jessica's Homecoming Delayed

Jess was still a bit sore from the surgery yesterdays-- but her leg felt much better.   Her PT today iced her leg-- a simple remedy that really helped.   She also went for fourth radiation treatment.  Her first was Friday last week and she had one on both Monday and Tuesday (but not yesterday because of her surgery).   This time she felt queasy afterwards.   Radiation tends to effect the area around the targeted spot and since they've been radiating her back-- it is no doubt effecting her stomach.   She'll have six more radiation treatments on her back-- they are holding off on her pelvis to give her leg time to heal.   They also moved Jessa's release date from this weekend to a week from today.    This is not what we wanted to hear, but now I will have more time to get the house ready and Jess will have more time to regain her strength before she makes the transition back home.


Anonymous said...

Jessa, when we get yucky news like "You need to stay with us 7 more days.", I am reminded how you taught me to "flip" the situation. So here goes...You will be transported to radiation easier than if you were at home. Jake will have the house totally ready for you by next week. You have a few more days to make "Mr. Morgan" smile. And....... Maria will clean on Wednesday before you get home!!!I was so in awe of you this morning, Jessa. A rod and screws at 5:00 last night and sitting up, getting ready for physical therapy at 8:00 this morning. I love you, sweet Jess.

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for the homecoming delay, but am thankful for the good hands that you're in! My additional prayer this week, will be that the time will go by quickly! We're all looking forward to your homecoming.( not as much as the 4 that live with you are) Katelyn looked absolutely wonderful at the choir program tonight. I know the girls would be glad to give you another performance if you'd like! Love you so much!
Carrie P.

David said...

I've never posted anything, but I thought I should so you know we are thinking and lifting you up often! I love the pictures of your sweet girls-they are beautiful! You are on an amazing and difficut journey, but you guys always find things to be thankful for in the midst of it and recognize how you are blessed! I pray we could respond as you and your family have-for His Glory . . .

The Brooks Family
David, Heather, Hope and Hannah Claire

Tessa said...

Okay, like McNutt said in flipping the situation...just take the time to heal there. Breathe in Breathe out and relax. Be patient. I love you!!!!