Friday, May 23, 2008

Coming Home Today

Last night our house was packed with Jessa's "design team."   It was fun seeing our bathroom transform into something so nice.   They also got rid of the clutter in our bedroom.   We don't have cable at home, so Jess has really enjoyed watching design shows while in the hospital.    Now she gets to experience a mini-"While You Were Out" of her very own.   If it were a show, it would be called "While You Were in the Hospital for Two and Half Months."   Aunt Sandy pointed out that the last time Jess was at home was March 14th.   
I've packed up the last of Jessa's stuff while she getting radiation.   I'm hoping its timed just right and she gets to see Dr. Haley today instead of next week.   Even if she doesn't get to see her its going to be a great day-- our girls are super-dee-duper excited to have her come home today!


Carrie said...

Your news just totally made my day!!!
Can't begin to IMAGINE how JESS must feel!
much love ~ Carrie

Anonymous said...

What great news. Let yourself be pampered. Mil

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!! Finally, a homecoming!! Enjoy! Enjoy!!

Carol (NY)

admccomb said...

Yeah!! Welcome home Jess!!

Lynne said...

The news We have been waiting to hear!!! We send all our love, hugs and kisses.

Dave and Lynne

Amy said...

Wohoo! Jumping up and down in absolute excitement with all of you!!
Erik, Amy, Luke and Paul

Anonymous said... are home! As Carrie said, "Thank you, Jesus!" Jessa, the "design" team loved preparing for your homecoming. All is right with the are home!

Aunt Sandy
AKA The DeClutter Queen!

P.S. Let me know if you can't find something!

Mike Or Cherie Stephenson said...

Welcome home!!! Such sweet words!
Sending love your way-Cherie

Anonymous said...


Welcome Home. I'm sure you are delighted beyond words to be home with your family.


G Pierce said...

Welcome Home Jess! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your homecoming! I am so glad you get to be with Jake and the girls again and I know they are so glad to have you back. We are excited for y'all.

Wendy Casas

Anonymous said...

Thank you God!!!welcome home Jess! I am so happy for ya'll it makes me want to sing and dance! How precious to be reunited with your beautiful family!
Love, jeanette c

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! We are so thankful you are able to be home with your sweet family again! Blessings to you-

The Brooks Family-
Heather, David, Hope &
Hannah Claire

Anonymous said...

YEA GOD !!!!!
Welcome home Jessica.
Enjoy your wonderful family and sleeping in your own bed!!!!