Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MRI results

Jess was finally able to get the an MRI today. The good news is that it showed there is no spinal cord compression. However, it showed fractures in four vertebrate T12 and L 1,4, and 5. T12 is just below her previous surgery and the other ones are in her lower back. She's going to have surgery tomorrow afternoon at four. Dr. Buriel, a pain management doctor, will be performing the surgery. Jess says he previously worked at M.D. Anderson and has done lots of this kind of surgery before which is called kythoplasty. Jess will have general anesthesia and like the last surgery this one will be x-ray guided too. He will insert a needle and put in a balloon and then fill the area with cement. The recovery is predicted to be a quick one and she should be able to come home late this week. She'll come home to a totally redone bathroom. It already has a widened door and tile. Plus new faucets. Now the early 80s wallpaper is down and soon it will have a new coat of paint to go with the texture. She'll also get a pair of updated mirrors and new lighting. I am very grateful to the ladies that put in a ton of work today. What really touched me is when they said "Of course we're doing it. We love her."


Nancy said...

May God's Angels surround you during your next surgery and guide your doctors and nurses.
We'll keep you in our thoughts throughout the day.
Nancy Oakley

Shelley said...

I'll be praying at 4:00pm tomorrow. I love you Jess!

Anonymous said...

Praying continually,
Julie Medley

Tessa said...

Okay, I have a plan....I am going to contact Benny Hinn (I think that is how you spell his name.) Maybe if he slaps you in the head in the name of Jesus you will be healed. I am also bringing the miracle juice, some holy water, and some wheat grass. I'll bring chocolate, too. It does me good.
Love you and praying for some fabulously painless news, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm in with Tessa on the chocolate. We will have to have a chocolate party ... I hear it is is a good pain reducer!! I am so pleased to hear the GOOD NEWS ... I hate that you must endure another surgery, but I'd say you beat the odds again showing no compression from new tumor growth! "Many will see what HE has done and be astounded!!!" It's in Psalms 40, I think... but it's too late to look it up right now! Just know it is TRUE.

I get to love on your little girl tomorrow ... I'll try to post a story or two of our afternoon/ evening together soon after. My Jess will be loving you by loving Jadyn through me (did you follow that?) ... she wishes so badly she were here to put her hands to the task of helping. I'm picking Jadyn up at 4ish ... so we will all pray together as we travel.

Love endures all things ...

Wendy Smith

Anonymous said...

You are very funny (and young). I think it is Benny Hill (but before my time also!!). Thanks for the smile.

Happy thought Jess

Anonymous said...

I think Tessa means Benny Hinn or Henn the televangelist that heals all those "followers" on schedule during his shows. I say, God can work through anyone. While we are at it lets call Tammy Faye and anyone else that would answer.........Nah, we'll just keep lifting you up to the ONE that always comes through because HIS plan is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Jess and Jake,
Continuing prayers for you guys, today and always.
Karen Dolan

julie roman said...

I pray that as God holds you in His grace today that you would feel the warmth of the Saviors breath, breathing life into your mind, body and spirit. May your day be blessed as you continue your journey.....sharing Christ and His goodness to all.
Julie Roman