Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Surgery Went Fine

The surgery started late but no surprise there-- and lasted about two and half hours.   The T12 vertebrate was in the worst shape but Dr. Buriel said that it was no problem to fix it and restore it to its original height (it had collapsed on the top).    He was also able to strengthen the lumbar vertebrate as well.   He drilled a hole in the vertebrate, filled a balloon up to help create a cavity then filled it up with cement.  It's pretty cool because the fissures in the vertebrate get filled up with cement as well.  The only incident was one of the balloons popped.   No problem though-- the balloon is sterile and its now encased in cement.   I haven't seen her yet as she is supposed to be flat on her back for two hours in recovery afterwards.  He also said two cool things: 1) she should feel relief as early as tonight from the deep pain she has been feeling and 2) she may be able to go tomorrow.   Thanks for patiently waiting for this post!


Mike Or Cherie Stephenson said...

I am so happy to hear it went well and that Jess will have immediate relief. Hang in there will be in your home soon!!!!! Cherie S.

Amy said...

We are so thankful to God for granting your surgeon wisdom and success. We will continue to pray for complete relief from pain and a homecoming!
Amy & Erik Bangsund

Lynne said...

Wonderful news Jake...thanks so much for keeping us posted...and we look forward to hearing that Jess is more comfortable tomorrow....and on her way home.

Love, Lynne and Dave

Aaron said...

So glad to hear that surgery went well and that you might be coming home this week. Love you and will keep praying!
Kim Vann

Anonymous said...


Glad your surgery went well; hope you are feeling less pain by now. Hopefully you will be home soon!


Aunt Suzanne said...

I was catching up on how you are doing and tears stream down my face as I read through Jessica's bible study, testimony and amazingly strong faith through all of this. I have been a little grumpy lately, a cold for two weeks and my spider veins removed. Pretty convicting!
I love you, Aunt Suzanne