Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Can Do It

After Jess got back from radiation today, she met with the occupational therapist, whose name is Anna. She had Jess do things that she didn't think she could do. For example, she put on a sock. For you and me putting on a sock isn't a big deal. However, Jess did it by pulling the top of her pant leg bit by bit until she reached her foot all while balancing herself from a sitting position. A sitting position I might add that she reached all by herself. Sitting up by herself is something she had never done before. When all was said and done and Anna had told Jess many times that she could do it, I had look on my face that said, Wow, look what you did!"; Jess had a look on her face that said, "Wow, I'm tired."

Sandy came by tonight while Jadyn and Bryn were at mom's and went after the Yikes' room. Katelyn and she threw out tons of stuff. When Jadyn and Bryn got back they were so very thankful that they had a clean room. Bryn stood at the closet and told Sandy there was a word that described the closet but she couldn't think of it. Then she said I know it "It's organized."


Anonymous said...

Bryan and Jennifer continue to pray for you and to thank God for you. We also "thank God for this moment" as you would say. Way to go today...putting on that sock.

You inspire so many..literally so many in not only Texas but the entire USA and throughout the world. You are such a reflection of Christ!

Jake, thank you for continuing to update the blog as you do.

God bless you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica & Jake:

What a sweet note. It made me stop and think about what we take for granted every single day. Hopefully, I will continue to do that.

Also, if Sandy feels the need to keep "organizing", please tell her to call me!

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Jess, You go girl!!!!!

Natalie said...

Yeah for the victories, each and every day!

Oh and could you send the organizing crew my way! I think toys r us exploded in my house!

Sheryl Myrick said...

Jake and Jessica-

The Myrick family loves you and prays for you every day! You are a blessing to us!