Friday, May 30, 2008

Cruising and Zooming

Jess was able to trade in her FDR chair for a sleeker model today. It is much lighter and more comfortable. Jess was able to maneuver around our house really well already (in fact better than I could push her) . The coolest thing though is that Jess is going to get a custom fit wheelchair. Every time Jess gets a new piece of medical equipment she always jokingly asks if they have it in designer colors. However, she really is going to be able to get a wheelchair in a color other than black. Hers is going to be aqua.

We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Jadyn and Bryn started it off right tonight when they performed Cinderella tonight (complete with multiple parts) for us. Jadyn did a great job as a director-actor.


Anonymous said...

That's what Friday nights at home are for--performances by kids that warm your heart and make you laugh until you cry!

Thank you, God, for wonderful family time at home again for the Kaylors!

Natalie said...

enjoy your weekend! yeah for a trip to the theater right in your own home!

Amy said...

Just so you know, our two boys are more prone to stage a wrestling match than perform Cinderella. Oddly, at just ten months, Baby Paul actually stands a fair chance of winning if he manages to roll on top of Luke. Paul is BIG! :-) We love you all and pray for you daily.
-Erik, Amy, Luke, and Paul

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us to be thankful through ALL things. Being excited over a new, snazzy wheelchair sure wasn't on "our" list of things we wanted to celebrate UNLESS we choose to flip it! You are home, we have much hope and you have a front row seat for the performance of Cinderella! Thank you, Jesus for this moment!

Aunt Sandy