Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots of Waiting... but Success

Jess was scheduled for surgery this morning between 6 and 11, but hospital time is apparently the same in Texas as it was in California. They came to Zale at 2 in the afternoon to wheel across the Skybridge to nearby Parkland hospital. Then another 2 and half hours until they took her to the OR (operating room) at 4:30. The surgery took about an hour and half and went very smoothly. Dr. Star put in a long titanium rod in her upper leg (femur) and secured it with three screws. He said bleeding was minimal, but she will feel pain at the incision site for a bit. Then another hour and half past during which Jess groggily woke up. There was the hospital equivalent of a traffic jam in the recovery room because of the amount of surgeries going on tonight, but we got to see her about 6:45. Unfortunately 7 o'clock is shift change so we had to wait until Zale was ready for her. Here it is a little after 8 and Jess is settled. Whew! Thanks for waiting with us wherever you happen to be and especially for praying for a successful surgery. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Exhale - glad to hear all went well. Thanks for the update Jake.

Anonymous said...

So greatful God blessed us once again with a successful surgery. Will keep all of you in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

So pleased that the surgery went well. Will pray that Jessica is not in too much pain. Hopefully, both of you will rest this evening.


Lynne said...

Wonderful news...Jake, I hope you get some rest...thanks again for keeping us all informed. Give Jess a hug for us..
Love, Lynne and Dave

Anonymous said...

Jessidac & Jake,
Glad to hear the surgey went well and will continue praying it helps strengthen your leg so you can get home like you're hoping. I love reading your blog. The stories about you getting to the party really shows us how to be appreciative of soooooooooooo many things we take for granted a lot. You guys are a blessing!