Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hi all! I hope this post finds you all well.  It was hard to believe I had not posted since Sunday.  I am sorry for the long lapse.  I was not feeling good the first part of the week.  Now, I am feeling good.  

I had a fun day with the girls and Jake this morning.  I had not thought much of it, but they had not seen me "up" in my wheelchair as they come at night when I am already in bed.  That was fun, and we went into the bigger family game room to play games and visit.  I also took them all around the gym I work out in every day.  It was a great visit.  

I also was able to see so many people yesterday; a friend from Gilda's, Lori, Sandy, Jacque, Zander and Kaylee, and a surprise visit from great friends Jeff and Leann, as well as Jake!  What a nice night:)

Several of you have wondered about my devotional.  It is called "Just Enough Light for the Step I'm On" by Stormie Omartin.  It is quite a bit different from her other devotionals.  As with any Bible study, it could be just read right through, or it could impact your every day.  I try to ask God to speak to me through each chapter, and He has followed through.  There are questions at the end that take you into various Bible passages and ask you questions that help you really dig into how this applies you. I highly recommend it.  It is also neat, because all through the book, it speaks of walking and taking steps with God.  This helps me both spiritually and physically as I learn to walk.  

Today's chapter focus was on waiting.  It was good for me, because I feel like I am waiting for a lot right now.  One mind shift I made reading this chapter was the thought that I should be waiting on God and not waiting on my circumstances.  I might think I was waiting on God's plan or God's timing.  But, really, my thoughts were on waiting on the "circumstance" to change.  For example, I might think I am waiting for my cancer to be cured.  I can easily get caught up in this request, and feel like I am waiting and waiting.  If I think of it as it should be, that I am waiting on God, it gives me a greater anticipation that I am not just waiting on the situation to change, but patiently waiting on God who is always moving in my life.   

There is a part in the book that says, "As long as you are waiting with the Lord, you are going from "glory to glory" and "strength to strength."  You are always going somewhere in God's plan.  His purpose for you is always being realized." Wow.  This is a great reminder to me that God is moving in my life, even though there are things in my life that appear to be standing still.  I can wait on God.

I am looking forward to tomorrow when several friends are coming for dinner.  And then, I am counting down until I get to come home on May 14th!

Much love,


Amy said...

God inspires and amazes us through the work He is doing in you. We love you very much.
-Amy & Erik

Carla said...

Hey Jess,
We ate at Sonic today in your honor - with LOTS of other friends in pink t-shirts!! I was glad to see a post from you when I got home today. And thanks for the info on the book. I, too, was wondering!

Speaking of good books... you and Jake should read The Shack by William P. Young. It is an incredible fiction book about how we reconcile tragedy with eternity. Eugene Peterson (author of the Message) says, "This book has the potential to do for our generation what John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress did for his. It's that good."

Mark and I have enjoyed it so much, we are even sharing it with our girls. Talk about some great family discussions!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jessa! God continues to amaze me as He continues to bless abundantly. I bet Sonic experienced one of it's all time biggest Sundays. People were parking and walking from afar as there were no places to park at Sonic. I knew the Wood/Boles kids would be there in force. YJH was amazing, too! Jessa, thank you for reminding me to wait on Him. His plan is definitely worth the wait. I love Heaven and back. Aunt Sandy