Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to Gilda's

I think we have a new favorite family meal-- chicken with yellow rice. It took less than ten minutes to make and everyone got seconds. I also got a cookbook from my friend Kim which is pretty cool because she collected recipes from friends and bound it together for me. The greatest thing is that it says who the recipe is from so I can know who to thank or blame for how it turns out.

I'm still straightening out medical bills. It's hard because a lot of times there billed wrong and a lot of the medical offices close at 4:30. Still just this month I've paid off three hospitals and the ambulance rides. One of the hospital ones felt great-- I was billed for $1500 but it should have been $500 and it felt great to not to have to pay the extra thousand. I was taking out the max out of my paycheck to go into a medical account and so far I've been able to pay everyone from that.

Gilda's Club called me today which was super nice. There is a grief support on Thursdays that Jadyn and Bryn will be able to go to. They will have to make an exception for me to go to a grief support program at the same time because they are already in the middle of the materials. I'll stay them on Thursdays regardless, but please pray I get in. I told Jadyn and Bryn about it and Jadyn was super excited. When I told her that it was for kids that had lost someone they loved. She said, "I lost someone I loved" pause "And she had cancer!" The Yikes were helped a lot by Gilda's before and I'm hoping that they'll get the same support in the next leg of their journey.


Lynne said...

It sounds like you are a popular cook with the Kaylor household. How thoughtful of Kim to put together a book of recipes for you and the girls to fix. I'm sure it a a relief to get those bills paid and a comfort to have the support of Gilda's. You are a great Dad.
With care and continued prayers,
Aunt Lynne

Anonymous said...

God sure is covering the Kaylors. Great food, awesome Dad, amazing friends and Gilda's house. Jake, do they have anything for KK? I know you and Jessa sure wanted her to have this support. I bet the Warm Place will be a great place for her, also. I'm sure she doesn't think it is necessary....good thing she has a Dad who "knows what is best." MeeMaw says, "Please tell the girls I love them." Consider yourselves hugged.

Aunt Sandy