Monday, January 19, 2009

Philly Again

I really enjoyed the snow today- that is until I realized that the weather was going to delay my flight by two hours That meant I would not be able to make it to Houston in time to make the last flight to Dallas. The worst thing was that we are not going to be able to go to The Warm Place in the morning for our intake meeting. When I called to reschedule, the soonest appointment was March 17th. I don't have much of an update on Betty except that I know they were running tests today.

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Diane said...

The Dr said that her blockage is the worst he has ever seen. BUT, something else (that I don’t understand) is not blocked. All her other parts are strong... it's just her heart. They feel she is strong enough to go through surgery but the critical part of it all will be the recovery. He said she needed to be 100% committed to the rehab and that was a commitment we needed to make as a family. It will take all of our support to make her stronger.

Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow so start flooding heaven with your prayers!! They have definitely been heard... although it is serious and we are no where near out of the woods, we have hope. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!!!!