Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rocking it Out

Tonight we went over to my friend Kyle's house. Kyle and I have gone through the same journey. His first wife, Melissa, passed away from cancer. It's been almost four years now that Kyle called me up a few weeks after I found out Jess had cancer and also a few weeks after his wife passed away. He has helped me in my journey with dealing with cancer. It was cool because I got to talk to his wife, Tiffany, while Kyle did grill repairs. Kyle's girls are the same age as Jadyn and Bryn and watching Tiffany with their girls made me aware of how much they will need a mom (Katelyn too). Of course I'm not ready for that yet_ but it did give me hope for the future. After dinner (Kyle got the grill fixed), Katelyn and we grown-ups played Rock Band. That game is so much fun, and we had a great time over there. It's good to have friends like them. Kyle and I talked about doing a Daddy-Daughter dance through the city of Arlington with our girls the weekend before Valentine's Day. It's a little bit pricey but I think the Yikes will really like it, and Jess always wanted me to do it. By the way, I forgot to mention KK got all A's again-- she got her report card Friday. I'm going to look into going to grief support at Gilda's during the interim waiting for our appointment with the Warm Place. Betty McNutt is doing well-- she's walking and there was talk of moving her out of ICU today.


Al Rearick said...

Praise God that your Grandma's surgery went well and that she seems to be recovering nicely. More prayers that her recovery is quick and that she's back to her normal self in a short time.

It sure is cool when God says "yes."

In Him and around the corner (and extending an open invitation for y'all to come around the corner for Rock Band madness at our house),


Anonymous said...

Jacque and I saw Betty last night (Sunday) and she was still in ICU and haveing some pain in her stomach. They will do a sonogram today and try to see what is causing the pain. Overall she is in good spirits and is alert and aware of what is going on around her. Keep the prayers going....