Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If I Follow Your Advice, No More Messed up Rice!

Thanks for your comments-- I never knew there were so many ways to make rice! I have no excuse now if my rice comes out soggy or crunchy. I had staff training after school and our home group (bible study) tonight so we ate out tonight at Boston Market. This time we're doing the book Boundaries which I think is going to have an impact on all of us. Bryn had another nightmare last night and I found her snuggled up to me in the morning. Jadyn woke up early and wanted to snuggle between us at about 5:30. That lasted all of ten minutes because she is such a wiggle worm. Next week, we start the Warm Place. This week my kiddos at school are taking exams-- its been a great semester at school. I truly teach at a great school because of who works there and the kids that go to school there. I'm heading to bed-- I've been tired lately but sleeping a lot better.


Al Rearick said...

Is there anything more heart-warming than waking up to find your little ones snuggled up with you? The situation that got them there was sad (nightmares), but they turned to you, knowing that they could find comfort and love with you.

Would that we could/would all do that with Our Father. Sometimes I think God wishes He could wake up (assuming he sleeps every millenium or so) to find us snuggled up to Him in our time of need.

My prayers continue to be with y'all for comfort, healing, a good night's rest, no more nightmares, and good rice! I am so excited about y'alls upcoming time at the WARM Place, and my prayers will be with you as you go.

Stay warm. Hope to see y'all before you hit the road this weekend.

In Him and around the corner (and missing the days when my kids would snuggle up with us when they got scared),


Anonymous said...

Just FY!~

Remember to take your vitamins...if you don't know what you need to take you can search Dr. Oz's on the web...He is one of Oprah's helth nuts & not to mention a worldly known heart surgeon.

Hope this helps with the tiredness...even though you go 24/7/365!!! :) Misty