Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Good Very Bad Day

Today has been pretty much been a horrible day. Life has been pretty good lately. I feel like the kids and I have settled into a routine and there is not a day that goes by that I don't feel blessed beyond measure. The level of support, love, and compassion people have for us has been incredible. My kids are awesome and Jessica's family is just as much my family as when she was living. Therefore, I still felt blessed today even while feeling miserable.

It really started with yesterday. Someone gave me the idea of turning Jessica's pjs into pillow cases for the girls. I had already given away Jessica's clothes and shoes which is something I know she would have wanted. However, I have not been able to even open her drawers that have her socks, underwear, pjs, etc. Yesterday, I finally worked up the courage to go through them, but when I opened them up they were completely empty. I didn't remember going through them-- I must have done it in those days that were pretty much a fog after Jess passed away. On the plus side, I do still have a few of her coats that were in the hall closet. Then, I woke up this morning with a text saying that Sharon Whitt had passed away early this morning Sharon was a dear friend of our family and especially close to Jess-- Sharon lost her life to cancer too. As you know today marks three months since Jess passed away and passing away on the 29th is something Jess and Sharon will forever share.

I appreciate your prayers and God bless.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jake,

My only plan on terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days : go to sleep as insanely early as possible!

I'm thinking of you and sending love, love, love, and a bushel of peaceful sleep!

love, Krista

Al Rearick said...
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Al Rearick said...

(sorry for the previous deletion; something I said didn't look right once I posted it)

More prayers of love, support, guidance, strength, blessings, better days, you name it for you and the girls. The news of Ms. Whitt's passing was a shock to us as well. She touched the lives of so many kiddos, including my son. The only consolation in any of this is knowing that she's been reunited with her good friend Jess and they are both celebrating their eternal lives as they wait for the rest of us to join them.

John Cale's "Hallelujah" is playing while I clog yer blog; this song just seems to speak to what you're going through right now. Despite it all, you're still saying "Hallelujah!"

Hindsight says I should've come over last night as soon as I heard about Ms. Whitt to offer a hug and a shoulder. But please know that you guys continue to be in my prayers.

In Him and around the corner (Hallelujah!),


Lynne said...

Oh --- Jake, I agree with Krista....take a big breath, hug your girls and get some rest. We send you our thought and prayers.

Dave and Lynne

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

I'm sorry, Jake I hope that your weekend will be better. I'm glad you found the coats...