Saturday, January 17, 2009

So far this trip has been everything I hoped it would be. I'm staying with my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Sue and they have three boys. My stepmom and sister Hannah also are here as they are on their way back to Maryland from visiting friends in Ohio. Hannah is probably the gentlest person you will ever meet but I have definitely seen a different side to her playing shoot-em video games with my cousins. It hasn't been as cold as I thought it would be here because it hasn't been that windy and since I love to eat I have definitely enjoyed their well stocked house. I'm enjoying my time without my dad "hat" but I keep thinking I need to bring my girls up here- maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

Because I know so many of you read Jessa's blog, I am asking you for one more prayer request for the McNutt family. Our mom, Jessa's grandma is scheduled for heart surgery this week. There are no words to express how much we need our mom. Please pray to Jesus for healing of her heart. Pray for surgeons, nurses, and pray that we see God's handiwork and acknowledge His power as we go through the next few days. I know that 100s of people are reached through Jessa's blog. Please pass this request on to any prayer warrior you may know. We are storming Heaven.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks Sandy for the heads up! Grandma McNutt, You, and your family are all in our prayers. I will definitely pass on the word. Please let us know if we can do anything for any of you.


Anonymous said...

I will definitely pray for Jesus to heal your precious mom's heart. May our precious Father put His healing hand on your mom. I pray for complete healing. I will pass the prayer request on. Love you, Pam G.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sandy and the McNutt Family,

The Shurack's will keep Grandma McNutt and your family in our prayers. We love you all! Grandma McNutt always has the sweetest most gentle presence about her (even while cheering at all sporting events over the past zillion years)and has passed that on to all of her family. What a blessing she is to all that know her! We will be praying for her heart to heal.

The Shurack's
Stephanie, Alec and Miranda and Grandma Carter (who has sat at a zillion games cheering with Grandma McNutt!)

Lynne said...

Sandy --- we have you all in our hearts and prayers. Please give your Mom an extra hug from us... we were so concerned to hear that your Mom needs heart surgery. With love and prayers..