Friday, January 16, 2009

A Long Time Coming

This trip today has been a long time coming. I love my three girls dearly and love spending time with them, yet this weekend is going to be a nice break. The idea of me taking a trip just for me first came up last year around my birthday, but Jess getting sicker made me decide to postpone it. I've already hurdled two potential obstacles: I woke up with my alarm (even at dark o'clock) and I made it safely to the airport. Now all that is left is to get on the plane, think warm thoughts, and enjoy Philly.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this time. Even "moms" need a break from their kids - you will come home will some new perspective, rest and a deeper love for the girls, even though you might not have thought it could get deeper! Blessings!
Chris B.

Anonymous said...


Hope you enjoy your time in Philly.


Marla said...

Have a great trip!

Al Rearick said...

Holy cow!!! I just looked at Yahoo Weather and the temperature in Philly right now is NINE DEGREES!!! YIKES!!!

Well my friend, whatever you do up there, I hope you stay bundled up. The last thing the girls need when you get back is a frozen Jake-sicle!

Seriously, enjoy this time away. Prayers for rest, relaxation, and WARMTH are with you right now.

In Him and around the corner (and thankful for double-digit temperatures),


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake,
I am happy you are taking a trip! Your mind and body need a break. It will be good for you. Relax and enjoy yourself! Praying for you to have a fun and safe trip! Peace In Christ, Pam G.