Saturday, January 10, 2009

Show You Care

Awhile ago Jadyn's Girl Scout troup gave toys to Mission Arlington's Christmas store. It's a pretty cool thing because struggling families can shop for presents without having to pay for any of it. Jadyn gave one of her own Christmas presents to give so I told her I would buy her something later. Today Jadyn picked out what she wanted a Care Bear named Pink Power Bear that has the breast cancer symbol on its belly. Jadyn was confused by the bracelet that came with it however. The bracelet says, "Show You Care." She wanted to know why she should care about breast cancer. Why should she like breast cancer? When I told her that we should care about people who have breast cancer she got super excited. "You mean this bear represents mom?". she asked. When I said yes (thinking to myself that "represents" is a word I didn't think she knew) she was really happy.

The Yikes did a great job of playing basketball today. Jadyn's best play was slapping the ball out of the hands of a girl on the other team and then making a basket. Bryn had practice at the Y and almost made a basket.

We went massive grocery shopping tonight. Actually it would have been normal for any other family, but I only normally only pick up a few things at the grocery store. We were at Target so I got some clothes that the Yikes needed and filled up the rest of our cart with food.Jadyn looked at all the food and asked if I had enough money to pay for it. Actually I had some gift cards to Target but I still found the question funny. A big thank you goes to Kari who has bought our groceries up to this point.


Anonymous said...

How about a cute picture of Jadyn with her pink care bear. Have a great weekend next weekend

Anonymous said...

My heart hurts for you and the girls most right now, even more than during the week of losing Jessica. I think weeks and months after a loss become some of the most difficult times. That is from my experience and also walking with others through the experience. I'm not going to try to explain that all because The Warm place will be handling that. The Warm place is one of my top all favorite places and they truly feel called to their jobs. Take in their words, breathe and relax if possible, importantly "feel" and "release the feel". Any and all feelings you may be experiencing right now are okay and I know they probably are all over the place and some to each extreme. But that is okay. Your call right now is so HUGE that it gets in the way of your needs and your grief. I pray for places and people that your needs specifically and your feelings specifically, and room to just let it go are available so healing as it comes can happen. Don't put healing on a timetable of others, make healing Jakes and God's timetable-- that way-- is the only one of success. I mourn the road girls are traveling and pray for them even more. I identify with some of their difficulties and get mad that another little one has to experience such loss. I beg for God's healing for them. Tammy Mouser