Sunday, January 11, 2009

Easy Chicken

I made another meal tonight-- woo-hoo! It was called Easy Teriyaki Chicken which recipe I like much better than Super Complicated and Time Consuming Teriyaki Chicken which I hear is quite tasty if you have the time and patience to make it. Easy Teriyaki Chicken tasted good but next time I'm cooking the rice longer because it was a little bit crunchy. I actually wrote out the meals through Thursday on the calendar. It makes it nice because now the girls no longer have to ask what's for dinner-- they can just look on the calendar. Well they'll be able to do that at least when I make something they already know what is like hamburgers. We've got a jam-packed week and then off to Philly for me. Jessica would be be so proud of me because I actually wrote out the schedule for the Yikes this weekend and I bought travel size stuff for me. Simple things yet things I've never done. Bring on the trip.


Amy said...

I'm the Queen of Crunchy Rice. The first five years of our marriage, we only ate crunchy rice. A tad more water than the recipe calls for and a little bit more cooking time will do the trick.
You rock! And you are a fabulous dad.
Amy, Erik, Luke and Paul

Anonymous said...

One step at a time - I know that Jess is proud of all of you.

Aunt Janette

Anonymous said...

You rock - Jake.

Anonymous said...

Minute Rice and Potato Flakes are staples in our kitchen!

Anonymous said...

love the picture of Jadyn and the care bear. Sweeeeeeeeeet. Have fun in Philly.

Al Rearick said...

No kidding! There's nothing as sweet as the grin of a little kid who's missing her two front teeth!

In Him and around the corner (and completely toothy!),