Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No Nightmares for Bryn

No nightmares again for Bryn last night-- tonight was the first night she didn't ask for two things to dream about-- she may ask tomorrow (and I of course will tell her two things) but I see that is a good sign that she wasn't dreading going to bed. I appreciate your prayers for her.

Thanks for the suggestions for things to cook-- several people put down potatoes so I'm going to pick up a bag of them and give it a shot. Tomorrow night I plan on making tacos with homemade tortillas-- I think if I can get the thickness right they'll end up tasting good.

I'm taking a trip soon just for myself. I do a ton of stuff with my girls but this time they'll have to have fun without me. They're staying with friends so they're just excited as I am about me going. They also think I'll bring them back something... and they're right. Jess was the list person in our family who made sure we packed everything we were supposed to. You can post things you think I'll forget in the comments.


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Anonymous said...

Yay for Bryn, and Yay for YOU!

I used to stress over every little detail of what to pack. My new motto is... There's a Wal-Mart in every city! (Well just about!) So, if I forget anything - toothbrush, deoderant, shampoo - even underwear - I just run to Wal-Mart. Of course, if you are as bad as I am, this could get expensive ;-)

Have a great trip, Jake &
Have a great sleep, Bryn

Pat Douty

Anonymous said...

Jake - You are priceless. You are doing a great job with the girls and I'm glad that you will have a little time away for yourself. I know that before long you will be a chef to rival Emeril!


Anonymous said...

Here's some packing advice - go to your Walmart/target and go down the travel aisle (located by the medicines/toothbrushes) pick up a toothbrush, mini toothpaste, soap, shaving stuff, ear cleaners/cotton, tylenol, tums, bandaids mini mouthwash, hair stuff, etc, all in travel size to keep in a shaving kit bag,(don't unpack it when you get home) then going forward, all you have to do is pick up your shaving kit and go. Also stick in a couple of baggies - you never know what will leak!!

Are you staying at a hotel? 'Acquire' the lotions, etc each evening for the shaving kit stash.

Have a wonderful trip. If you need anything, I'm right around the corner ( =.

Love, Aunt Janette

Al Rearick said...


Completely serious about this one. We went to Chicago this past summer and I thought I'd done a good job counting out how many shirts I'd need, how many pairs of shorts, socks, all my toiletries & meds, a couple pairs of pants in case it got cold, slippers for the same reason..... imagine my embarrassment after getting out of the shower that first morning realizing the one thing I'd forgotten to pack. A trip to the local Target remedied that. Now I've become the butt (haha) of packing jokes.

Good luck on the dinner tonight!

Oh hey, that reminds me: if you & the girls aren't doing anything Friday night, our church (Advent Lutheran, 3232 S. Cooper, right behind the big ugly vacuum cleaner store at the corner of Mayfield & Cooper) is having a chili cook-off and Coffee Haus. All readers of this blog are invited as well, the more the merrier. It starts at 6:00, with the Coffee Haus (acoustic music) starting at 7:00. Hope y'all can make it!

In Him and around the corner (and warning y'all right now I make a MEAN AND NASTY chili!),


Anonymous said...

something to put your dirty clothes in. :)

Chris B.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Jake. I agree with Janette about the travel size items. It is so nice to have that little bag packed and ready.
I know it's not that nutritional but my family will eat Hamburger Helper Stroganoff.
Thanks again Jake for allowing us to share in your "new normal."


bshenry said...

I'm reading entries backwards and a little behind because I've been so tired with stuff going on, but Gary makes tortillas all the time, so I'm volunteering him... call him if you have questions...lol He says they're easy. :) He just made some for me this morning! Not sure if you know it or not, but Gary really is the chef of the 2 of us!

Anonymous said...

Your mom was the first person I saw make her own tortillas. If your taste like those, it won't matter how thick or what they look like.
Meg (in Phila)
ps we use store bought