Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had an incredibly fun time doing the "Itty Bitty" with Bryn and the other dads and daughters. I didn't find everything I needed at the store for Jadyn, but a few of the moms helped me out. She ended up looking very pretty. I was proud of Jadyn too as her dance with her friends had a lot of moves. If blogger cooperates I'll post a couple of pictures I took with my phone tomorrow. After the talent show today I went to a memorial service for the husband of one of my friends from Gilda's Club. We are still a family even though I have only been once since Jess passed, and it was great seeing some of the other members supporting our friend there. This afternoon Jadyn had a basketball game. Tonight I had a soccer game (which we won) and KK went to a dance.


Anonymous said...

The whole family danced a jig yesterday! I bet Jessa was dancing with you in Heaven. We can't wait to see the pictures. I hope Katelyn let you take a picture of her, too! The whole family is beautiful, inside and out!


Lynne said...

So glad it was just a successful talent show, indeed Jess was smiling ...We have been traveling and it is good to read that Betty is doing better after her surgery. Please give her our love.
Aunt Lynne