Saturday, January 3, 2009

Exciting trip To Friends' House

Sorry for not posting yesterday-- no big reason-- just didn't get to it.

Yesterday, some of KK's friends came over accompanied by one of their big sisters. They brought gifts for the Yikes which they very much appreciated. Then, we all had the biggest marker fight to date with whiteboard markers which could be best described as... colorful.

Tonight we were planning on spending the evening with friends, but Bryn's tummy had other plans. She threw up. Thankfully Bill and Tricia are the sort of friends that treat such happenings as no big deal and as of writing this we haven't yet been banned from their house. Jadyn is going to stay there for a bit, but the rest of us are watching The Parent Trap at home now.


katrina said...

Jake and family,

Just wanted to wish you joy, health and love in 2009. Happy New Year!

From snowy Putnam Valley,

Anonymous said...

Feel better sweet Bryn.


Al Rearick said...

Note for Bryn-

I hope you feel better, sweet girl. I hope your blanky keeps you nice and warm. But make sure that blanky stays away from ME! Okay? (hee hee)

Here's a story that I hope makes your tummy feel better:

The Rose in the Snow

Once upon a time (yes, it's made-up!), there was a rose. This was no ordinary rose, for it grew in a kingdom of snow. This snow kingdom was always a crystal white, with ice castles, frosty snowmen, icicles hanging from every roof... and a lone rose growing in the snow.

One day, a little girl saw the rose in the snow, and she was confused. She'd never seen a rose before, much less one that grew in the snow. She had seen pictures of roses, but those roses were either in a beautiful flower arrangement or growing in a sunny patch of someone's garden. The snow kingdom had no gardens, at least none that she had ever seen. The little girl resolved to take care of the rose.

One day, the little girl came to check on the rose and she saw a second rose had started to peek through the snow and, before long, more roses had started to show through the snow.

The little girl decided that, since there were quite a few roses, she would pick some and share them with the townsfolk.

She gave the first rose to her father. Her father was a strong man with a strong heart, who was raising his three daughters himself since their mother went to Heaven. While her father was an inspiration to many of the townsfolk, his heart was heavy and he had been feeling sad again. The rose cheered the father up tremendously, and he hugged his daughter so tight. This caused the little girl to want to share the roses with others.

She gave a rose to each of her two sisters. They cherished their roses, in the same way that they cherished their little sister.

Next, she gave a rose to her aunt, the kingdom's former governor who everyone loved, and who everyone missed since she had retired.

Pretty soon, she was giving roses to everyone in the kingdom and the kingdom became a colorful city! She even gave a rose to the crazy Mr. Owl who lived around the corner from their castle, who was hiding from a killer blanket. However, when he stepped outside to get the rose, a Giant Monster Bird flew by and ate him up! This was so completely silly that the little girl giggled with delight! The rest of the kingdom cheered with joy because they thought that guy would never shut up!!!

As the little girl grew older, she continued to take care of the roses and share them with anyone she could find. The people were always happy to see her and, as a result, the kingdom continued to be a warm and colorful place, filled with the love that only a small child can bring.

The End

In Him and around the corner (and hiding from Giant Monster Birds),


Anonymous said...

Al, that was precious.