Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Made it Through the Day

Woke up this morning. Saw Bryn was in my bed. Thought about how she was doing so well. Prayed she'd do better tonight. Prayed that I'd remember to tell her two things. Carried Bryn into the kitchen. Walked into Jadyn's room. Heard her alarm going off. Wondered how she slept through it. Carried Jadyn into the kitchen. Fixed them breakfast. Fixed myself breakfast. Put the breakfast stuff away. Thought about how Bryn couldn't find a pair of pants to wear yesterday. Answered the phone. Looked at a text on my cell phone. Looked at the medical update on my phone. Prayed for me friend that had the medical update. Prayed for her family. Took a shower. Answered questions from Bryn while in the shower. Answered questions from Jadyn while in the shower. Got dressed. Answered the door bell. Saw that someone had tp'd our house. Prayed the police would catch them next time. Saw it was my friend Al at the door. Listened to him offer to clean up the tp-ing. Thanked God for Al. Signed Jadyn's folder. Signed Bryn's folder (I hope I did at least). Grabbed a hot pocket for lunch. Said good-bye to Katelyn. Dropped the Yikes off. Drove to my school. Did before school duty. Stopped kids from going inside and wandering the halls. Chased a kid down that said she was just needed to use the restroom and then bolted upstairs. Told her she had to go back outside. Told more kids they couldn't go inside. Let the one kid with a pass inside. Opened the door for the kids. Avoided the stampede of kids. Checked my box. Told kids where to put their project that was due today. Listened to a teacher tell me to remember to pack underwear for my trip. Laughed. Thanked God for colleagues that care about me. Ran off copies of the quiz. Went to team meeting. Talked about student of the month. Ran off copies. Entered grades. Planned lessons. Read emails from parents. Emailed parents. Emailed the principal. Went to a classroom to check if a student had actually done the work he was supposed to. Went to OCS to tell a kid to do his work. Saw he had his head down when I got there. Talked to him. Noticed he had his head up when I left. Started class. Told the kids to put their their heading on the paper. Told them again to do the same thing. Told them to put the title on the paper. Told them again. Looked at students paying attention. Looked at students not paying attention and their bank papers. Played a CD of Anne Frank. Talked about what they had listened to. Told them to draw pictures of what they had listened to. Noticed that class was almost over. Thanked God for great kids this year. Taught more classes. Went to lunch. Called my sister Sarah to wish her a happy birthday. Taught more classes. Talked to students after school. Entered grades. Went to the bank. Went to pick the Yikes up. Thanked the Yikes for drawing me pictures. Went home. Got a ladder and finished cleaning up the toilet paper. Fixed a gutter. Made tortillas with the girls. Wondered if they would ever look like my moms. Ate them anyway. Thought they tasted great. Watched the girls eat them. Ate dinner. Cleaned up. Did homework with Bryn. Did homework with Jadyn. Read the Yikes a good night story. Told Bryn two things to dream about. Called family in Portland, Oregon. Got on Facebook. Said "hi" to KK when she came in from her basketball game tonight. Listened to her talk super fast because she was super excited from being with her friends. Posted on the blog. Whew. There's one part in the movie Marley and Me where that dad talks like that and it reminded me of my day today.


Al Rearick said...

You saw "Marley and Me?" My family saw it on a day I had to work, and they told me they bawled their eyes out! You're brave!

Believe me, my friend, I thank God for you and the girls. Y'all have touched my life in a way that I really cannot describe, only that when I am around you and the girls, I feel that much closer to God.

Prayers for you and the girls, that today is better than yesterday.

In Him and around the corner (and trying to let go of the past),


Anonymous said...

I love the tone of this can tell it def. has that monotonous tone to it...LOVE IT!!!
It's funny...glad to hear you still have the drive to see the good in everyday! Working with kids everyday can drag you done. Then to come home to your kids and still have to make their day. But, it makes you appreciate them even more and how lucky you are that they great kids and they are YOUR kiddos!

I LOve that you are at Yjh. I pray Morgan gets the pleasure of being in your class next year!
My girls favorite meal is always one that we made together when they were younger. Especially homemade chicken tenders! You do have to fry them, but it is worth it!!!
Remember your toothbrush! I went to summer camp on summer and forgot mine, it was so BAD!!!
Misty K.