Friday, October 10, 2008


This week has been my hardest week, yet I have felt comforted by many people this week. God loves to use people to do His work and He sure has allocated a lot of people to us. Just looking at the comments that have been left here (and Jess has been able to read them too) has brought a great deal of comfort. "What can I do for you?" has been an overwhelming question when I have been barely able to think straight, so thank you for so many of you that have had creative, specific things that you have done and offered to do for Jess, the kids, and me.

There a few things coming up in the next week or so: people that want to pray for us are still meeting at Grace Covenant Church in Arlington from 7-8 AM on Saturdays, Jess and I are talking to a couple of hospice providers tomorrow with the intention of bringing her home, and there is a fund raiser for us at Martin High School during the Young (my school)/Boles (Katelyn's school) volleyball game this coming Wednesday at 5:30 (Katelyn plays at 6:15).


Kristy said...

Hello. I would just like to say what an inspiration Jessica is to me and my family. I don't know if you know me by name but I am Curtis Gile. I would like to apologize for not visiting you or speaking with you before because I was for sure you wouldn't want me just come out and talk with you about cancer but I should have comforted you before. You have been in my prayers for close to 3 years now and wanted you to know that. If you or Jake need any help with yard work, house cleaning or anything else, please let me know.

marci said...

Your family is loved and in our thoughts and prayers. May God's sweet love comfort you all.

Aunt Suzanne said...

Dear Jake,

I can't imagine how surreal everything must feel right now. I wish I could reach out and give you a hug, let you know I am praying for you. I pray for comfort and peace for each of you. Our heavenly father can provide a peace that goes beyond all understanding, may that peace be upon you now.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 11:28-30 "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are
heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Psalms 107:28-30 "Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble,
and he bringeth them out of their distresses. He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still."

"And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not."
~Isaiah 58:11~

Psalms 91:4 "He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler."

Psalms 61:1-3 "Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy."

I pray that you find comfort in His word, that He will be your SHELTER, your ROCK & Your SHIELD

Lisa Smith

Anonymous said...

You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Even when we don't know how to pray, the Holy Spirit is interceding for us. We are able and willing to do anything for you guys. Please let us know of specific needs. We will continue to pray without ceasing.

Kent and Ronda Cooper from Grace Covenant Church

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for keeping everyone updated all the time. Not only does that allow us to pray for you all, but also to learn so much from you both about faith and hope. You all are loved and appreciated by so many and God is and has been using you both in a huge way you could never imagine. Thinking of you and praying!

with love,
Wendy and Edward Casas

Anonymous said...

For those that follow the blog and asked regarding blood donations - Jessica is truly touched and although there isn't a specific need for blood donation in her name, she encourage all, if you are able, to donate blood to your local blood bank as there is a shortage of blood all around and many 'Jessicas' who would be in need - so by helping those in need, you are supporting her.

Jessica and Jake's generosity to all continues to touch at our hearts.

Aunt Janette

Lynne said...

Jake and Jess --- We send our love and support. I have always been very impressed with the tender support Hospice provides for families.

Love, Dave and Lynne

Mike Or Cherie Stephenson said...

Jake and Jess:

I have been wanting to send you a little message all week but for some reason I have been unable to get logged in...You guys are so precious in His sight. You have and continue to be such an inspiration to so many. I love to wear my "Jessica's Journey" t-shirt because I know I will run into someone who has been touched by your family in some way. Sweet conversations are sure to follow each of these encounters! Mike and I love you all so much and we are sending our love to you during this difficult time. I pray for God's comfort and peace to indwell in each of you this week. May our words hug you closely.

With all my heart,
Cherie Stephenson

andersonholly said...

I wanted you to know that you have changed the way I live my life everyday. Thank you. (And I am certain that I am not the only one!)

I saw Bryn at school yesterday. I can still only get her to smile at me. I WILL get that sweet girl to talk to me some day!

with much love and prayer for you,
Holly Anderson

Mark said...

Hi Jake and Jess, Liz Colligan here. I am praying for your family along with so many others. I feel so far out here in Oregon. Is there a way for those of us far away to participate in the fundraiser. Can you put up an address for checks or do you have a bank account we can deposit to? I know there are many ar away who would love to help. God be with you all. Love liz

Anonymous said...

Kaylor family,
You are all in my daily prayers. The Lord is in control; " for he hath said, I will never leave thee or forsake thee." Hebrews13:5
Blessings to all of you.


Sheryl Myrick said...

Jake and Jessica-

Our family prays for you daily and we are SO blessed to have you in our lives! Jake, even with all you have going in your life you always find time to give comfort to my Jessica on the soccer field when she stumbles- that means so much to me- you can always calm her down when I can't- you amaze me! Love, Sheryl Myrick

Anonymous said...

Jake & Jess,

I continue to pray for you and your precious girls each and every day, all day long. I have enjoyed getting to know your sweet girls as they have played with the Mitchell's kiddos, John, Ruth and Jacob. They are our neighbors and our two kids just join right in! May God give you his comfort and peace.
In Christ,
Jessica Dague

Anonymous said...

I love you


Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. May God give each of you that peace that He promised and know that we are loving you and are interceding for you throughout each day. The Blaha Clan

Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray for all of you and are so sorry it's been such a hard week. We will keep lifting Jessica up to the Great Physician. Please know that you are being thought about and prayed for all the time!

Suzanne and Michael Bohan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess and Jake,
I wonder if you have any idea how many people have found a closer relationship with God through your journey. Following your example,many people have opened the prayer lines like they never have before in their lives. What wonderful mentors you are! Holly Anderson mentioned that she, along with others, have learned a more grateful way to live. I know I also live a better life because of you. I thank you for your leadership and example.
Praying without ceasing.
Judy in Arizona

Barry Bunch said...

Sweet Kaylor Family!

This is long overdue, but our prayers, just next door, are with you all so many times during every day. As we wave to each and every one of you while we pass your house, and/or your driveway, or when my daughter passes your oldest in the halls at Boles, it is amazing to all of us how every one of you wave back with a most beautiful and genuine smile-what an inspiration is an understatement. Though, not said in a while and not ever enough, don't hesitate to call and/or knock on our door if any of you need anything at any time of the day or night. God Bless, and Neighbors, our prayers to you are ever flowing.
Bartlett, Ric, Bailey and Beverly Barry

Anonymous said...

Dear Jess,

You and your family have increasingly become a part of our prayer life ever since we traveled to Italy with your Aunt Janette this summer.
I know she's with you this weekend but wanted to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you from across the country every day.
Georgette & family,
Mahopac, NY

Anonymous said...

Praying, continually praying for all of the Kaylors...
the Damon family
Duane, Bev, Morgan and Kenzie

Anonymous said...

I pray for Gods peace and love to hold you.
Karen Dolan