Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No pain but...

I got the new medicine's name wrong it's methadone (not morphone, morphone is actually a linguistic term). Also if you've just started reading the blog, the Yikes are what Jess and I call Jadyn and Bryn it's a shortened form of Younger Kaylor Kids. Katelyn and Jadyn are the Okes for Older Kaylor Kids but we don't use that term much.

Today was a good day as far as pain goes, but Jess was drowsy/incoherent 99% of the time today. We lessened both the extended morphine doses and took one of the fentanyl 50 mcg patches off and will stop both of those completely tomorrow as the methadone starts to take effect (although it takes four days to reach max effectiveness). Today was the result of too many pain meds in her system during the transition, so I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. You can pray that she will be pain free AND alert/coherent.

One of the cool things was even though Jess slept through it her women's bible study met here this morning. I had to laugh when Jess was upset that they weren't meeting when she first when in the hospital and insisted that they meet in our house even when she was still in the hospital (which they did one week).

Bryn was her typical funny self today. When some family members stopped by this evening, Bryn hid behind a chair. She whispered some stuff to me and I whispered some stuff back. Then she said, "Dad, they can't see me so they think you're talking to the floor."

Jess and I went to TGI-Friday's on one of her first dates. Jess has gorgeous brown eyes which stand out against her pale skin. I couldn't help but stare into them and she back into mine. When we got the check-- I chuckled. The waitress had drawn a big diamond ring and wrote "When's the wedding?" Right then I knew two things: people notice when you're right for one another no matter how early in a relationship and 2. I should have asked our prophetic waitress for some lottery numbers. Tomorrow, I'll write about the not-so-brilliant idea I had for a date.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your faithfulness: to your extraordinary wife, to your children, and to us via this blog. As Jessica Strength commented yesterday, there are countless people (like the Fabrege commercial with Joe Namath but you're probably too young for that reference!) who read this blog and have transformed lives as a result.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jake
I do hope the pain management gets into a good balance. Have the hospice people discussed what some of the effects are and helped the kids understand? One friend on morphine in a time much like Jess's described it as being in very vivid dreams. Knowing that helped her family understand what was happening.
we are praying for you every day
Meg and Phil (Pennsylvania)

Natalie said...

I am loving the stories about you and Jess. You should have asked that waitress for lottery numbers! wow. oh and Bryn is one funny girl.

We love yall are are praying daily!

Elizabeth said...

Dear mr.kaylor

this is ELIZABETH FITZGERALD from your 5th period class we miss you so much and me and my family are keeping you and jessica in our prayers and every thing with the sub is great and we are behaving like always but we miss you and hope your wife gets better
From your favorite student
Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake and Jessica:

After stumbling across your story by accident, I have been blown away by your story and what a living example you both are of glorifying God. Just wanted to let you know that our small group tonight met and prayed for you family. For Jess that her pain can be managed and she can enjoy the time with your family and that you all would espically sense God's presence and grace during this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake and Jessica,
Teachers at Ousley are praying for your family. You are touching people's lives in ways you'll never know with your faith in God. Thanks for keeping us updated.
Monica Barogh