Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Football Game

Jess was awake more today than yesterday (which isn't saying much), but a lot of the time she imagined things that weren't real. It was unnerving because at times she would be frantic over taking the wrong medicine or something like that never happened. Thankfully though she was in very little pain today. The worse pain she felt is when the nurse's aid and I had to roll her from side to side to change her night gown and her sheets. Jessa's cousin Mandy bought some cute night gowns cut them down the back and hemmed them. The end result? She's fashionable and comfortable. I'm hoping that by tomorrow the other pain meds will be out of her system.

Jessa's family stayed with her this afternoon so I could take the Yikes to the Young-Boles football game. It was great seeing present and past students. I've only been off work three days but I miss my kiddos already. I also liked seeing people I work with-- they have been so caring and supportive of me and my family. They also continued the fund raiser for us. The Yikes had a great time: Jadyn got to see her close friend Cody, they got a funnel cake, hot cocoa, candy, and spirit sticks. It was cold but Jadyn stayed warm playing with Cody and Bryn curled up in a blanket and jacket that people lent her. At the end of the night, Julie, the teacher who organized the fund raiser, handed us a poster of our family that the staff at Young had signed. As we were walking away Bryn asked, "Daddy how come people are so nice to us?" I told her because they loved us so much. Jadyn chimed in, "It's because mommy is in so much pain. She's in more pain than anyone else in our family."

I promised I would tell you one of my least bright ideas for one our first dates. A good friend of mine was getting married and so I invited Jess to the wedding. I picked up her up at about two and she asked me what time the wedding was. I told her about six. She asked if we were going to do anything on the way. I told her I thought we would stop for a bite to eat. A little bit panicked she asked where the wedding was. I told her Texarkana, which is named for being on the Texas-Arkansas border. After she got over the shock of me not thinking things through she actually enjoyed the trip. We of course had plenty of time to talk and really enjoyed getting to know each other. Tomorrow I'll tell you of another first date to Sundance Square in Fort Worth and why finding the right parking spot should have been my top priority.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Bryn noticed the kindness and observant Jadyn realized the reason for it. Just when you wonder if the kiddos get it, God shows us that they surely do. Thank you to our amazing friends for your prayers over our entire huge family. This is a very tough journey but we have a great God who walks with us.

Aunt Sandy said...

I am enjoying your stories about you and Jess dating. Keep them coming. Love and prayers to you all!

Anonymous said...

Bless their sweet hearts. It's amazing how much children understand and how simply they put things. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. I am truly blessed. Praying for you all. Love Jeanette

Anonymous said...

I do not know your family but came across your blog late last night and was so moved and touched deeply by your story. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last February. I walked in the Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day last weekend and it was a life changing event. Your story reminds me how much that event is needed. I pray that God would continue to lead you through this journey and you would see His hand in everything.

Praying in NJ

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am Elizabth F. mother. You have made such a positive impact on our daughter in your class. We read Jessica's blog daily. Thank you, for sharing. Breast cancer is real to us. I had it when pregnant with Eliz. probably due to all the infertility drugs I was on for 6 years. I choose no treatment until after she was born. Please, know all of you are in our prayers ! G. Moser