Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Day After

Today wasn't as bad as it could have been. I think it really helped that every step I took today someone took with me. The hardest thing today was going to the cemetery to do paper work, see the place where Jess will be buried, and pay for the burial. I felt like I had bought a plane ticket and then gotten on the wrong flight.

Katelyn had a lot of friends come and see her after they got out of school today. I loved hearing how Boles's administration, counselors, and teachers (like Coach Go) supported a grieving school.

The comments on this blog have been amazing. Despite the fact that we may have never met them or known them well, you can tell they really did know Jessica. As for those of you that face-to-face gotten to know Jessica, thank you for being inspirational and we love you!

Bryn is going to school tomorrow because she wants to dress up as a scarecrow since it's Halloween. Dressing up as scarecrows is a Wood Elementary kindergarten tradition. I am very nervous for her, but I know her teacher Mrs. Maurer will take excellent care of her.

After Jess said yes to marrying me we had to choose a minister. After a lot of discussion we chose someone that meant a lot to us, Barbara who was in charge of a ministry on the UTA campus (The Wesley for those of you who went to UTA). Unbelievably, Barbara was soon diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy. Even while undergoing treatment, she still chose to do our wedding. We lost touch with her, but the last I heard she was doing alright and had even gotten a big promotion.


Teri said...

Just wanted to say thank you, to you and your precious family for blessing my family. We have kept up w/ your blog, prayed for your family, laughed and cried while reading your stories, and have seen God's hand at work over these past few years. I know it hasn't all been pleasant, but thank you for allowing God to use you and your family as a testimony for others. You have shown us what faith and trust in God look like, on a daily basis. Bless you all!
Teri Rodgers
"Don't be afraid, just believe and she WILL be healed" Luke 8:50

navyjustincase said...

Oh, Jake
You are being so strong right now. Please remember not to shoulder this all on your own. Elizabeth King and I brought Jadyn Rose a gift and left it on the porch. We hope she loved it. I left you some lyrics by Chris Rice on Wednedsay. It's called Breakfast Table and its as if you are singing this to Jess. Please know that you and the girls are loved dearly.

Carrie Farrell

****He makes all things NEW***

Mike Or Cherie Stephenson said...

Jake: You are so precious and have been so steadfast throughout this entire journey. It is truly amazing. I pray God will be so very near to you and your sweet, sweet girls. May He hold everyone of your family members in the palm of His hand. May He give you rest today.

We love you dearly,
Mike, Cherie, Zach and Emily Stephenson

Tebo said...


You are such a great husband and father. Know that we are praying for you all. May you see the promises of God's rainbow everywhere you look today. If you need anything, just call.

Jason, Kim , Jordan and Ashlyn Thibeaux

Anonymous said...

hey mr kaylor you are so strong and your loss is our loss we are so sorry about jessica and jenna cypert and i were talking and we said that look she will be sitting around talking to our grandparents and drinking coffee in the morning talking and smiling and looking down on us and when i herd about her a ran to my room and was crying and did not want to do anything at all then jenna and i were all sad the next day but we know that when god says that it is time to go home that you have to go back home
I Love you Mr.Kaylor
~Shelby Estes
P.S Devin says hi and that he is so sorry
hope to see you this weekend i will try as hard as possible to be there

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Kaylor,

Words could never begin to ease the loss of your precious wife. How powerful her testimony, your testimony, and your children's testimonies are!! All of you have touched and blessed so many hearts, including mine and my family's. May God's all-embracing love, hope and peace continue to cover you for the journey ahead!

"May Your unfailing love be my comfort, according to Your promise to Your servant."

In Christ's Love,

Judy Brock(Baylor's mom)

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you and your family.

I knew Barbara at Wesley Foundation too. Sadly she died from breast CA about 8 years ago.