Friday, October 3, 2008

Slowly but surely

Okay, medical update first...

I have been pretty busy since my birthday, when I came home from the hospital.  Lots of recuperation, rest and more doctor's appointments.  I have seen my oncologist (Dr. Haley) who thought I needed 2 units of blood from a little anemia.  I have felt more energy after that infusion.  I had a very productive appointment with my rehab doctor (Dr. Mendez).  She gave me a prescription for a hospital bed, which I ordered and they delivered the same day! I have had one night on it, and I was so happy to be on a bed with my legs raised and head up higher.  I hope I can even sleep-in a little bit tomorrow! Then, the doctor ordered boot to help with pressure relief on my ankles.  AND, she ordered home health to come evaluate me for PT/OT to see how they can help with mobility around the house.  

But, the best thing happened when I told her I have been experiencing more back pain the last few days.  She, right then, sent a text to my pain management doctor (Dr. Bruel) even though I told her I had an appointment with him in a week.  Well, Dr. Bruel said I could come in the next day.  I was grateful, but that meant another trip into Dallas, which I had already made Mon-Wed. of that week.  She text him again to see if he had anything that day.  It turned out he was teaching that day, but was going to come RIGHT over to help me in her office!! What?!? Who does that?? I was SO grateful for him.  My pain is better and I was Dallas-free the last part of this week! I am so blessed with a team of doctors that help me so much.  

I am still fighting a fever (on antibiotics) and my mobility is low.  I am learning to take medicine when I need it.  My throat problems are better each day.  Today, I even ate some pretty normal foods, cereal and chicken noodle soup, with relative ease. I am learning new strategies every day. I am so grateful for pain management, a bed and so much help from family and friends.

The girls are all doing well.  Our thoughts are filled with Halloween costumes and Jadyn's birthday.  Katelyn's volleyball team is undefeated.  Jadyn loves her daddy coaching soccer and Bryn has fun being a Groovy Girl on her Kindergarten soccer team.  We are blessed with great friends and teachers for all three of them.  

Another super exciting thing happened to me Friday.  My sister Hope came into town with her two precious little ones, Austin and Ella! It was complete surprise to me! It was great visiting all weekend with her. And, nurse Hope was SO helpful to me as a sister and with her nursing background.  I really don't know what I would do without my brother and sister.  Garett is between careers and while he waits to be able to sub, he is able to drive my to all my doctor's appointments and transfer me (which is a lot more work for others now).  

I love ALL of my sweet family.

Two pictures of Hope's visit.  (Sorry for the lack of hair--a radiation side effect.) But, we are all smiles.

I am having memory card issues, so I will need to start taking more pictures to post for you soon!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Jess and the family pictures - Love them! I have to scan and send to you one of my favorite pictures - the three of you on Mema's couch in Grandbury with me - I think Hope was 8!

Love to you all. Keep up the smiles.

Love, Aunt Janette

Tessa said...

You guys have the brightest smiles! Love you!!!


Anonymous said...

These doctors sound like they need to be placed in the Hall of Fame!!! You are so fortunate to have been lead to them! You guys are definitely not "whiners", so I'm sure the doctors know that when you call for a little help, you mean business!
Speaking of help...Jake, if you ever want to sneak out a little early from school, remember to holler! I'm off 7th period!

Thinking of you all always!

Cathy Batlle and family

Anonymous said...

Yep...I'm an English teacher! I used the wrong lead...led!!!
Ha! Have a terrific weekend!

Carrie said...

It is so good to hear from you, and to see that brilliant smile. I cannot believe Austin is so BIG! (Does that mean Caleb is that big now, too? No way... I'll stay in denial!) I am so thankful for the way He continues to keep your spirit strong, and for the wonderful care you are receiving. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Amy said...

That is so awesome about your pain doctor! I just love how God can make anything happen. We continue to pray for you all daily and trust Jesus to love you and take care of you through the Body of Christ that surrounds you.
Amy, Erik, Luke and Paul

Anonymous said...

Jessica - I can't believe you even attempted to apologize about the bald head! You are Number One on my Top Ten List of "Women who are radiant and beautiful w/out hair".
Chris Basden

Anonymous said...

Dear ones..we have been faithfuly
following you and your wonderful family. We met Jake when we delivered the green van to Waco. I am married to your Uncle Mike McComb's father Tom. I have met most of your family through your Aunt Di and our granddaughter Mandy. I guess that makes us some kind of inlaw or outlaw. We have long been praying for you. I have never wittnessed such strengths that you each have, and the power to embrace so much love and faith from so many hearts and minds. We send you our Love and continued prayers. Sue & Tom McComb