Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Three

I just reread my last post and I realized that from the way I wrote it sounded like Jess has been screaming and crying most of the time instead of when her pain spikes during transfers. I'm not talking about the transfers they have done at the hospital either (they have gone smoothly) but the transfers she has been doing at home to her wheelchair, recliner, bed, etc. During those transfers, her pain peaked at a 10 up from the 6 that has become the new normal. However, they just put her on a Roho mattress tonight and the pain med adjustments are working... when I left her pain was down to a three!


Amy said...

Hey Jake,

Thanks for posting that! We will pray that her pain continues to be well managed.

Amy & Erik

Anonymous said...

I am thanking God for the pain relief and rest.all of you are in our prayers all day long. If there is anything you need help with please post on lotsahelpinghands.Thankyou for the updates. Love,Jeanette c

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you briefly and hug you tonight. I dropped in after work to see if you needed someone to sit with you a while, and you were snoring blissfully! I thank God for giving you rest tonight. My family will continue to pray for your pain management and for God's strong encouragement.
Julie Medley

Anonymous said...

My prayer has been this week, and will continue to be, a cry for mercy. I praise Him for answering and showing you "new mercies" for today.

Standing in the gap!


Aunt Suzanne said...

Dear Jessica and Jake,
I was so relieved to hear her pain is down to a three. I have been on my knees in prayer for you both, it certainly breaks my heart to hear of Jessica's pain. God is great and he is in control even when it doesn't look like it. You are both such an inspiration to us all.

God Bless you dear ones,
Aunt Suzanne (from beautiful yellow Colorado)