Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday Scores

All three of my girls had games at the same time today. Katelyn played her third game of a B Team tournament and Jadyn and Bryn both had soccer games. I'm still coaching Jadyn's team (with lots of help from parents), so of course I went to hers. All three of them won their games (Katelyn won her first two as well), but the most exciting one was Bryn's. She scored the only goal of the match, making it as they say in Europe 1-nil. I wish I had been there of course, but she was super excited to tell me and that was pretty cool to see. I have a Yikes story that happened today. I got Jadyn and Bryn a chicken strip meal at Chick-fil-A. After they got their meal Jadyn told me she wanted a two piece instead of a one piece. At the same time Jadyn was complaining, Bryn kept asking me to read what something said. I turned my attention to Bryn and read one of Chick-fil-A's slogans, "Eat more chicken." Of course, Jadyn immediately piped up, "See dad, I told you so."

All-in-all it was a good day for Jess. Her appetite has returned and she is eating OK now. She has found that she likes the air mattress, so she is going to keep it for now. It's a little awkward for her at times being in a bed in the living room, but its worth being around her family. Right now it's very important to me to figure out a routine for Jess to fall into. I really want to find out the best time for her to catch naps during the day and then schedule visiting hours for people to come see her. That way she can feel rested and not feel like she is being a rude hostess when she falls asleep when someone is over. For right now, if you're planning on visiting please call first.

Do you know how Jess and I met? We both were majoring in English at UT Arlington and we were in the same writing class. However, we didn't have a chance to meet until our professor recommended her to be a tutor in the writing center where I was already working. My first memory of being with her was typical Jess. When we had down time, I frequently rubbed people's neck or shoulders mostly when they had headaches. Jess let me rub her shoulders but later I found it didn't feel good to her and with Jessa's delicate skin it bruised her. Did she say anything though? Of course not because as she later told me because she thought I was kind of cute.


Anonymous said...

I love that "how you met" story. It made me laugh, very cute! We met at UTA, also. Still praying.

Wendy Casas

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how God finds ways for us to find joy in the midst of yuck?? Thanks for giving us a glimpse inside of the Kaylor hearts, Jake. I love how Jessa has a perfect view of the front door as she can see beautiful mums, pumpkins lining the walk, fresh cut grass and first smiles of those who enter your home.

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

I don't know you and your family but found your blog via YSC. I am survivor of BC diagnosed at age 33, also a mother and also someone who lost her own mother to cancer (not BC) when I was just about Katelyn's age. (I am also the oldest of 3 daughters) I have been extremely touched by your story, your family, your love and your faith and want you to know that you have touched so many people, even strangers like me. I also want to let you know that your girls will be okay.

Warm regards,

Carolyn K in NYC

Anonymous said...

Thinking of each of our thoughts and prayers!!

The London Family

Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful stories I especially enjoyed reading of how you both met. Soak up all the support and love of those around you and far away.

Love, Dave and Lynne

Natalie said...

Go Bryn!!! That is very exciting!!! Oh and I just love reading the Yikes stories!

Great story about how yall met.

katrina said...

Eat more chicken!
Tell more stories;
Touch more hearts.

Ever in our prayers,

Matthew Johnson said...


Hey, man. It's Matt Johnson, from Onancock. I was just "Google-ing" folks that I went to high school with and I came across your blog. I know what you guys are going through - we also went through similar experiences with my grandfather who had colon cancer.

I will do a "quick catch-up" for you. After going to Va. Tech, and getting a degree in Forestry, I worked for a few years in the Williamsburg area for Bartlett Tree Experts. After I figured out that was not my desired career path, I moved to Greensboro, NC, to be near my (now) wife. We had met through my cousin, who lived here in Greensboro (as well as my mom's side of the family). We got married in 2003.

I then moved into a job with the City of Greensboro and decided to go back to school to get a Master's degree in Geography - with a concentration in Urban Planning. I now work for the town of Jamestown, NC as their Planning Director.

I ran across your blog after finding Tim McMath's blog...which is linked to Sarah's...etc. I have read enough of your posts to understand the challenges that you and Jessica are facing. I wanted you to know that I have asked my Mom (who is teaching Pre-K at Shore Christian Academy in Exmore) to add you guys to their praryer lists. You folks will also be our prayers as well.

If you'd like, you can email me at Talk to you soon.

-Matthew Johnson

Anonymous said...

The new photo is absolutely beautiful; so is your family and the obvious love you share. We're so happy that Jess was able to come home; we know you are all savoring this time together.
Praying for peace and painless nights.
Carol (NY)

Tammy Mouser said...

I hope you have received the poem that Ms. Karin told you about. Jessica C. shared with me what Ms. Karin has shared with you and she asked for me to send the poem to her.

I want you to know that the words of the poem came straight from God. The words really have nothing to do with me. I was simply honored to be His secretary that morning as He dictated those words. He spoke so fast, I barely could keep up, and I could feel how important the words were to Him and Ms. Karin's friend who had passed. I never met her friend, in fact I don't even know what she looked like--- but that morning I was privileged to feel her passion and love for her family and God as I was given those words.

It was a powerful moment, exhilerating, peaceful, exciting, a shouting hallelujah moment and yet I was only getting to feel a little portion that was being passed on to me through the words. That lady was having one grand time as she was meeting her Jesus. What a blessing for me to experience a little of that moment and then help her and God pass a message on to her friends and family.

I pray the poem from God, Himself, is a blessing and encouragment to you, as well. I know some very special things about God and Heaven and am very blessed to have experienced some visions, Ms. Karin can validate this, no matter the time, today, or 10 years or more from now, you, I, and anyone else who knows Jesus are going to have the ride of our life when we are priveleged to be with Jesus. I wish I could give the words to what I have seen and experienced, I have begged God to help me communicate it, but I'm still unable. I will tell you this, you won't want to come back, the taste, the smell, the sight, the peace, ooooh the peace, it is more than fulfilling, it is the ultimate.

The closest feeling to it that I have had on earth, and it is still ion's away from the real thing, was getting to go to Disney World three years ago. DW had been a life long dream. Finally, in the midst of some very difficult stuff, some folks at LABC made sure I made it to Disney World. That morning we stood waiting for it to open, I was excited, but then the music began to play, and they announced it was about to open and I began to bawl. So overwhelmed with finally getting to go through those gates, soon I would walk through them and see something, the only place I had ever wanted to go, and for one day I was going to be there. It was a magical, fairy tale moment and the whole day was that way, a happy blur and every positive emotion stomping on top of each other, I could hardly breathe and yet I didn't want to breathe, it was amazing to feel every emotion exaggerated millions of times.

I must say, and you know where I'm headed, those moments and visions I have been allowed to see of Heaven have shown me beauty, peace, LIGHT, and everything that is good exaggerated to the numbers of infinity!! It is soooo good, selfishly maybe, I wish I never had to leave those visions, but I have a small glimpse of what's to come.

I know we have not had the opportunity to really know each other. My first memory of you was when I was Katlyn's sunday school teacher with Tessa George. Then your younger girls and my girls, Alexis and Addison are the same ages. Though we have not spent time together, I have always admired you and have definitely held you up in prayers over these past few years as well as asking family and friends of mine to pray for you as well. You are a beautiful lady and I thank you for the way you touch so many lives, I have seen your touch and know your special ministry to others. Thank you for sharing yourself!

I have attached the poem, just in case Ms. Karin has not sent it to you. I hope this poem from Our Father is a light for you.

All to Him!! Tammy Mouser

God's Poem:

I'm sitting beside Heaven's waters
Oh, what a glorious view
Pure, clear, and a shining glow
They have made me whole and new

Heaven's waters called me, you see
As they flooded my inner soul
The miracle finally happened
Bringing me to my final goal

I dove in with all my might
A groan you may have heard
The groan expressed the sight I saw
And hearing Heaven's glorious words

Shouts came from all directions
In exclamation of welcome and praise
Peace enveloped and took over my soul
Then Heaven's waters began to raise

Immersed I was, deep in the dark
Only to prepare me as I took flight
It washed away all sickness, pain, and old
To take me to God's light

I stand before HIM, clean and brand new
My broken body now buried in the deep
I feel so, so good, and so thankful
This new body--- I want to keep

Please don't think I'm selfish
For wanting my new life
I really loved each minute with you
And so honored to be both mother and wife

The journey I walked so long, so hard
I'll never, never regret
It brought me to the love of Jesus Christ
That day, I'll never forget

Thank you to all for your deep, tender care
Walking this painful road with me
For showing me a love I didn't know
and helping me spiritually see

I am so FREE and HAPPY now
I'm shouting this--- please know
It feels so good to be a pain free me
I really was at peace and ready to go

My family, My friends--- please remember
God is real, God is true
You've seen His love He has for me
That same love-- He has for you!

Jesus Christ is all that matters
Seek Him out each day
I'll be waiting to see you again
When Heaven's waters flow your way.