Saturday, October 11, 2008

Top 10

Although we met with two hospice providers today, the only think I am sure about is that hospice is a wonderful program. For me, it was kind of like the word "radiation" before Jess had cancer-- I knew radiation helped fight cancer but I didn't have the slightest idea of how it worked. It turns out hospice is a team of people who work together to provide pain management and comfort after aggressive treatment is no longer done. There's an RN nurse, a chaplain, a doctor, a social worker, and an LVN nurse all working in conjunction with each other.

There are still important decisions to be made that I'm not sure about yet, so here's something I do know: the top ten reasons Jess is an inspiration to me:
1. She impresses everyone who meets her without trying to
2. She never ever tells me when it's time for me to leave the hospital for the night so she can get some rest
3. The thing that most scares her about dying is how it will effect the rest of us, not dying itself
4. Even though she has experienced more pain lately than most people ever will, if you ask her is she's in pain she just says she's uncomfortable
5. She still manages to look beautiful with her dark brown eyes despite being so sick
6. She is brave even when she is scared
7. She has a smile that lights up the room despite paralysis in her face and still laughs although it is hard to get a deep breath
8. She inspires doctors and nurses
9. She worries that the effects of her cancer inconvenience other people and that she is not "pulling her weight"
10. When she was on hold with 911 she asked the friend that was with her how she was doing


Anonymous said...

Although we have barely gotten to know your family, we are also inspired by Jessica. And we feel sure that her top ten list about you would be just as inspirational. You guys have blessed us so much in such a short time and we are continuing to pray for you as you make these difficult decisions.

Kent and Ronda Cooper

Anonymous said...

Sweet Kaylor Family,
What I know Jake, is that you are all the picture of grace, strength, and humility.....what an inspiration you and Jessa are to so many people. Know that you are loved by many......

With Love and Prayer,
Barbara Payne

Anonymous said...

Jessica, You are the bravest person that I know. You have inspired so very many people and have touched so many lives. Please know that you five stay in my prayers now more than ever. Know that I love all five of you.

Love and Prayers,
Janet Turner

Anonymous said...

What a perfect picture of a woman of God! You are all an inspiration.
In our prayers,
The Hicks Family

Anonymous said...

Jake, I don't know you personally but I know you and your lovely family through the blog and through a few of Jessica's wonderful aunts and mom. I'm not totally sure, but if I had to list 10 things about you it would be 1)your inspiration to all of us 2) your love for your God 3) your sense of humor and strength 4) your love for your three beautiful girls
5) your everlasting devotion to your wife 6) the overwhelming gratitude for all the doctors who have treated your wife 7) The glorious way to take care of Jess 8) the special way you have with your students 9) The peace you have inside that you know God is in charge 10) The love that we all see when you are with Jess, loving her and being with her
May God continue to be with you and your family as you continue to make difficult decisions. I continue to pray and think of you and your family (everyone in your big family) for peace, pain relief, comfort, and strength.

Anonymous said...

Jessica - As I sit here and read Jake extol your praises and know each one of them to be true - I know that you would be doing the same for him. I am brought to tears by the tenderness, devotion and love that is exhibited between the two of you and on to your children. It was ordained Jess - by the Lord - all of it. What a glorious Lord - what a wonderful God - what a Loving Father!
Chris Basden

Anonymous said...

I read this daily & I pray for all of you each & everyday. Even though I do not personnaly know each of you,you all are often in my thoughts.
I remember the day I met Jess. She came into the MAC to bring her precious little ones into toddler time. She always had a big smile on her face.I loved talking with her and her friend that would come in with her.After a few weeks of not seeing her, her sister came in and I asked about Jess and she told me that Jess had breast cancer, from that day on..Jess you have been in my prayers and you & your wonderful family will continue to be in my prayers.
Jake, if you find the time to email me, I would so much like to help out in anyway I can.

Julie London

Anonymous said...

All I have been able to think about is what an amazing priviledge to be able to suffer for Christ. Jessica has been a huge influence in the lives of so many on what Christ's love really looks like. What a testimony she is and will always be. We love you and are thinking of you daily.

The Stewarts

Anonymous said...

Your perseverance has deepened the treasure of Jesus presence among everyone you encounter. Thank you for breathing life into these words, “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing;” 2Cor 6:10

The Father is constantly bringing you to mind, and our prayer is that you will continue to be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.


Jason and Melissa

Anonymous said...

My life has been blessed just by knowing you, Jessica. You are an inspiration to everyone.

Jocelyn Greenman

marci said...

Jessica, You are a gift from God and an inspiration to many. Your strength has touched so many lives.
May you fell Gods sweet love and his comfort.
In His Love,

Anonymous said...

I Love you!I am blessed each day by following your blog and being apart of your childrens lives. I am also so grateful every day because of you. You are apart of my daily conversation and daily prayers. I lift you up and ask HIM to bless you daily. With HIS great big arms hugging you when you need it most!
You are MY inspiration. Thank you!
Misty Kauffmann

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

Jake and Jess,
I was reading these comments, and one person talked about the first time she meet you, Jessica. I was thinking about that one day last week. It was right after Aaron and I started coming to our church, and I had gone to my first ever "Ladies Night". Bryn had just been born. I think it might have been a baby shower for you. You were so sweet to me and listened to me talk and talk and talk....just like you have done so many times since then! Jake, you are such a precious husband to Jess. You all continue to be in my moment by moment prayers.
Kim Vann

Anonymous said...

I think all of us as Christians can related to the concern for those left behind. I know that you can take comfort in the fact that God somehow loves them even more than we do and His plan for them is perfect. You have taught them well to be "sorrowful, yet always rejoicing". Because of your great faith and God's perfect love, they will be sustained.

Lynne said...

Jess and Jake --- You are indeed an inspiration to so many people. Have you checked your blog counter lately? ---there are over 136,000 visits! Countless people are touched by your amazing journey of faith. I am so glad you are already feeling the support of the hospice team. Hugs to the sweet girls.
with continued love and prayers,
Dave and Lynne

Missy Rowe said...

All I can say is WOW! What a model of inspiration you both are, Jake and Jessica. You are both constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Every step of the 60 miles I will walk in the 3-day next month wil be taken with you and your precious family on my mind. Thank you for showing us all what true faith is!

katrina said...

Singing "I Love To Tell The Story" in church this morning, I thought of you all; this ordinary family with extraordinary faith, who have modeled for me and my loved ones how to celebrate, cope, love and keep focussed on Him through every turn life takes. Thank you for sharing your faith and journey with us--You remain an inspiration.

With love,

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jessica,
Although I don't know you well, I love you just the same. You are my dear sister in Christ and I am truly inspired and motivated by your genuine faith in our Precious Lord and that I've seen you truly "walk the walk" over these difficult years. You will leave such an awesome legacy for your girls. You're an AMAZING woman! I'm praying for your peace and comfort. His grace is sufficient for YOU (but I know that you, of all people, know that). I've missed your beautiful smile at church & BSF. You are SO loved by many! My prayers are with you & your family.
~Dawn Fairchild

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica and Jake,
I remember too the first time I met you. We lived on Caliente when you moved in next door to us. I remember that Jessica found out she was pregnant with Jadyn a month after I knew I was pregnant with Trey and Bella. Our family is blessed to be a part of your life. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us!!
In His Name,

Anonymous said...

Kaylor Family,

What an Awesome Family! Jessica's story has touched more lives in her 33 years, than just about anyone else I know.

I hope you all continue to feel lifted up, because there are lots of prayers being said!!

Judy & Mike - you two are also at the top of my prayer list.

Terri Autrey
(I work with Mike)

Sondra Adair said...

To: Jake and Jessica

Time is
Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is not.

Henry Van Dyke

Anonymous said...

I'm so gald I got to vist with you. We are lifting you up tonight and always. You are an amazing family. May God hold you all tight in the palm of his hand and sprinkle comfort and peace upon you.
We Love You

Amy said...

Jessica & family,

Just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

kentuckygirl (YSC)