Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Midnight Post

We did indeed have a great Christmas. Bryn was unusually funny today which is saying a lot because she is the funniest person I know. When Bryn saw Santa had brought Jadyn a Nintendo DS, she remarked, "Maybe Santa will bring you a game to play on it next year." She'll be fine as she can borrow some of KK's DS games. The Yikes were super excited when they heard Santa on the answering machine today. Jadyn was so happy today I was surprised to find her crying when we got home tonight. She was a little sad that Santa didn't bring her a bell (something Jess never would have let happen-- I can remember dashing out on Christmas Eve because one of our kiddos had changed her mind about what she wanted for Christmas), but she was mostly sad because Bryn hadn't gotten the big bear that she had asked Santa to bring for Bryn. She and I worked it out though-- she's going to put one of her presents aside to be given at a future friend's birthday party and I'm going to spend the money I would have on that birthday gift on a big bear for Bryn. She felt much better after that and it's super sweet because she's giving up one of her presents so that Bryn can be happy. Santa put in my stocking a Nancy Drew Wii game which is amazing because he must have know that Katelyn and I have solved many a Nancy Drew game on our pc. Even though it's late we wanted to play it together-- so we playing it for a little bit (about 45 minutes) until midnight. I sure do love my three girls and I'm very thankful that they and I had a wonderful Christmas.


taylor said...

oh thats so sweet that Jadyn would do that for Bryn. Glad y'all had a merry CHRISTmas :]

Anonymous said...

Your daughters have seen and will continue to see the picture and reality of a loving, funny, forgiving, gracious, giving, kind, sensitive and goofy father. They will emulate that when they look for their partners in life. what a gift!
Chris B.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome Jake!!

Lynne said...

Jake -- It was wonderful to read about the laughter and tears of your family Christmas.. you are indeed awesome. Christmas Blessings!
Love, Aunt Lynne and Uncle Dave