Sunday, December 7, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

Today was a good day. We went to church, relaxed at home, and watched the Cowboys play at Jessa's parents (I love close games and today's was a close one with the 'boys losing in the final minutes). I also got to play indoor soccer (we won 3-1).

I was thankful that I got a bible before camp started, but I was still nervous. I remember pulling up to meet the other counselors and being surprised that they knew who I was before I even introduced myself. Looking back it may have been because I skidded up in a gold hatchback with heavily tinted windows and the radio blaring. Or it may have been the longer hair and the goatee. Or the earring. Later one of the counselors would tell me that she didn't think I looked like the outdoor type which is funny because I love the outdoors. She wouldn't be the only who whose stereotypes would be broken. That summer my stereotype of what it meant to be Christian would be shattered.


Lynne said...

I sure hope you all have a healthy week... you have earned it.



PS.. thanks for the great picture of Bryn :)

Anonymous said...

How brave your girls are to jump in the pool in Dec. But that reminds me of my Morgan...

Girls the tree looks marvelous!!

I am not shocked you had long hair and an earring. WOW! Love the stories!!!