Saturday, December 13, 2008

Falling Asleep

Yesterday's excitement included helping to break up a fight at Young even before school started. I felt like God had put me in the right place and the right time to help break it up. It was pretty funny though hearing the story embellished by the kids: the rumor mill said I had gotten hit in the face five times and one of the boys running away afterward (neither of which happened). After school, Jadyn and Bryn had talent show run-throughs at 5:30 and 7:00 respectively. We ate dinner at about eight and made it home by nine. I lay down at about 9:30 to rest for a minute and fell asleep. That would be why I didn't post last night. The amazing thing is the kids put themselves to bed (even Katelyn).

Today we spent the day at Six Flags with my father-in-law and saw Katelyn perform a song there with her choir. Watching Katelyn hang out with her friends at 6 Flags tonight reminded me of a trip I took in 9th grade when we were living in Philly. At the end of the year we took a class trip to Dorney Park. The school had a rule that if you had gotten in trouble too much you couldn't go, and a lot of my friends couldn't go. The really neat thing is going on the trip made me hang out with people I didn't know as well. Girl-wise I even dated one of the girls I met that day. I really think the people you hang out with are going to influence the person you will become. I am so glad that Katelyn has chosen her friends wisely.

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Anonymous said...

Jake, I've noticed quite a few of your posts have been titled with the word "sleep" in them. So tonight and from here on my friend, I pray for you restful, peaceful sleep. I do read that some of your nights are just that, but I don't quite think most people grsap what it's like to actually feel the feeling of brushing your teeth, walking over to the bed that is now a completely different bed than it was not too long ago, turning out the light & laying there. I pray God fills those first moments before you drift off to sleep with thoughts of Him and that you feel his peace and warmth comforting you off to sleep. Sweet Dreams :-)
.......laundry fairy