Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bike Rides Part 2

I am going to the girls' Christmas parties tomorrow (I forgot to mention when the parties were in my previous post). The girls were fine when I told them I couldn't go, but they are going to be super excited when I show up. They make me feel like a million bucks all the time-- I'm hoping I can do the same thing for them tomorrow.

Jadyn and Bryn both wanted me to write about them. Jadyn got to wear her pj's to school as they were having a Polar Express Day-- she was super excited especially when I teased her this morning about needing to get some regular clothes on so she could go to school. Bryn was sweet when she made me a birthday present today in after school care. She had wrapped a picture in construction paper. She asked me when my birthday was (July 21st) and had me tell her how to write it. When I asked her if I really had to wait to July to open it she said, "Yep." She later relented and let me open it in the car.

I didn't turn sixteen until I was a junior in high school, so mostly I got rides from friends but I also rode my bike quite a bit. One night I was riding my bike back from a friend's house when I noticed that my bike light was slowly dimming. I didn't have any back-up batteries so I started pedaling faster. If you have ever been in the country on a moonless night, than you have an idea of how pitch dark it was. My light slowly began disappearing until it finally went out. I could no longer see the road, so I had to rely on the sound and feel of the road to make sure I stayed on it. I was also worried about a car coming and hitting me as they would not be able to see me as I pedaled along on the country road. That night I definitely did not take my normal path as it took hours to make it home, but somehow I made it.


Amy said...

I can hardly wait to hear about the girls' parties tomorrow! I'm so excited and glad that you get to go. Can you believe that I actually asked God to make this happen when I first read that you wouldn't be able to go, but then I hadn't gotten back to the blog until tonight. Pretty awesome!

McCullough Family said...

I checked out a DVD from our church library, The Crippled Lamb, and it was donated in honor of Jessica. I got to tell our son that this movie was about God having a special plan for our lives and that God had a special plan for the life of a special lady named Jessica. Her influence is everywhere! Praying for you all...
Carrie McCullough