Saturday, December 6, 2008

Polar Express

I love hearing stories of Jessica's influence, here's another one:

Today all three of my girls were healthy. Tonight KK went to sleep over at a friend's house and the Yikes and I went hot-tubbing at our friends' house. It felt great to be outside in water in December, but Bryn and Jadyn took it a step further. They double dog dared each other (I'm not making this up) to jump in the nearby ice-cold pool which they did. Actually they had so much taking the polar plunge and then racing back to the hot tub, that they kept doing it.

I got the phone call from the camp director weeks later. He had gotten unanimous approval from the camp board and wanted to offer me a job. I excitedly told him "yes" and that excitement lasted until I got off the phone. I had never been to a camp before let alone a Christian one, so I had lots of nervous questions. Would I be able to make friends with the other counselors? Was camp going to be boring? Was the food going to be edible? (I had seen Ernest Goes to Camp) Where do you get a bible anyway?

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Al Rearick said...

I think I know why the kiddos were so healthy.... ;-)

In Him and around the corner (and sick as a dog),