Friday, December 5, 2008

The Big Question

It was practically another restful night except for Jadyn throwing up. This is kind of gross so you may want to skip to the next paragraph. She sleeps in the top bunk and didn't want to throw up in her bed-- so threw up over the side of the bed that touches the wall. What this did was create a trail from the top of the bed until it pooled in the carpet down below. It actually wasn't that bad cleaning it up though. For her part, Jadyn got to enjoy a day of tv and rest at MeMaws and Popos.

Jadyn felt better tonight, but didn't want to pose for a picture. Behind Bryn, you can see our tree that Bryn and Jadyn decorated all by themselves.

When the camp director called me up he asked me some questions that were standard interview fair before he asked the big question on his mind: why was I applying to a Christian camp if I wasn't a Christian? To be honest I was just as mystified as he was. I tend to jump into things without thinking them through, but practice doesn't make the embarrassment any easier to handle. Despite that, he liked what I had to say about the most important thing working with kids is to love them. For me what I am teaching is never as important as who I am teaching. I think I also surprised him when I said I would have no problem teaching weekly bible lessons as long as I was taught the material ahead of time. To me it was no different than teaching any other subject that I didn't know yet. Before I got off the phone with him, he said that even to consider someone like me, he would need unanimous approval by the camp board of directors.


Al Rearick said...

Unanimous approval.....

Those two words stuck out of your story. Having trouble trying to formulate why, but isn't that what we seek from God? Isn't that why Jesus died on the cross? To secure our unanimous approval? Nice thing about that is we don't have to worry about receiving that from God; that it's freely given by God thru Jesus. No more waiting, wondering, and worrying. It's there, waiting for us. How cool is that?

In Him and around the corner (and waiting for my brain to wake up with the rest of my body),


Anonymous said...


Aren't we thankful that when we need friends the most, the Lord places them in our lives at the perfect moment? I am thankful you have, "In Him and Around the Corner, Al!" He nailed it..freely given by God thru Jesus.

Love you guys,
Aunt Sandy

Alpha 1 Vann Clan said...

Cleaning up throw up isn't fun at all, and you've had two sick girls in two weeks. Jess would be so proud of the way you are taking care of the girls. You are doing a GREAT job! Your Christmas tree looks perfectly beautiful. Take care!