Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ice Scupltures

Blogger is acting up again when I try to upload images, but when it decides to cooperate I've got some pictures I want to share.

I dressed up as Santa at the Young Christmas assembly today. Even though it was very hot underneath the suit, it was also a lot of fun. From the kids reactions today , I'm thinking you can never be too old for Santa. I got to sing in the faculty choir too--our choir teachers at Young (Mrs. Ice and Mrs. Jones) are amazing-- they ensured we sounded really good. I thought it very appropriate that Mrs. Ice was selected as Teacher of the Year today-- she deserves it. She is retiring this year which I thought made it doubly appropriate. She leaves the choir in good hands with Mrs. Jones.

I took the Yikes (along with friend of their's) to see Ice Sculptures at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine. It was pretty incredible-- but wore the kids out.

Before we went Bryn got to hang out with a friend and Jadyn got to help deliver toys to Mission Arlington. Katelyn is spending the night with a friend tonight.


Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm glad you guys went to the Gaylord Ice Sculpture. I hope Katelyn didn't feel too grown up to go down the ice slide! I'm sure the YIKES encouraged her to be a kid again! I love that you take time with the girls, Jake. I can't think of anything that would bring more joy to Jessa than to know her family was continuing to be such a strong family.

Aunt Sandy

Lynne said...

Jake -- the ice sculptures look really amazing. Thanks for sharing the pictures and this special time with the girls. Jess must be smiling...
Love, Aunt Lynne