Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet Jadyn's gift to Bryn

Jadyn went with me to the store today. I bought one of those frozen dinners that are warmed up in the skillet. I have only made dinner once since Jess passed (and it was spaghetti) so even though the skillet dinner was easy to make it felt good to make it. Jadyn was super excited because she got to pick out the giant teddy bear for Bryn-- Target didn't have any bears, so Jadyn picked out a big stuffed dog.

One of KK's friends has promised to get her a beta fish. When that happens, all three of my girls will have fish. KK has not decided on a name for it yet but topping her list is "Arwin the Cow." I'm pretty sure she gets her goofiness from me.

I went and picked out Jessica's headstone today. It was pretty cool because they were able to do it exactly how I wanted it. Tulips were Jessica's favorite flowers (they're also my Oma's) and even though there were no tulips on any of the designs, they're going to be able to put tulips on too. I want to wait until the stone is ready to visit her grave with my family-- so we'll go in about eight weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Jessa does love tulips. I imagine Heaven has tulips blooming year round just for her. Thank you Jake for picking out a marker that represents our Jess. She is smiling I am quite sure.

Aunt Sandy