Monday, December 29, 2008

Asking for Prayers Again

Blogger has been so slow uploading pictures lately-- I finally got this one to get on here before the upload timed out.

Jadyn and Bryn Putting out Reindeer Food on Christmas Eve

I've been meeting with our pastor and a couple of other guys before church to look at a bible study that will be done church wide in the future. It wasn't the main focus of what he was talking about but our pastor said something today that I never knew. The history of Isreal the nation parallels Jesus's life. They happen in sequence so if you lined them up parallel to each Isreal's crossing the Red Sea would line up with Jesus's baptism which was followed by Isreal's 40 years in the wilderness and Jesus's 40 days. Pretty neat stuff.

You can pray for my sleep again. I was doing pretty well until I found out about some bad choices my dad is making. I'm not the only one who is not sleeping well-- please pray also for my stepmom, Donna Lucy and Hannah my sister who is 12. I feel uncomfortable giving details but a lot of you read the blog and we need a lot of prayer support. I sure do love my dad, so thank you.

The Yikes were supposed to spend the night at Jessa's grandparents but I forgot. I've already talked to them and the Yikes are going to spend the night later this week with them-- but it's an indication that my memory needs to be prayed for again.

Thanks for being my prayer warrior and good night


Lynne said...

We do have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. As I remember you are signed up for the Warm Place staring in January. I think that will be great for all of you.
With care and wishes for a good nights sleep.
Aunt Lynne

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the girls....innocence and joy. What a wonderful age! Thank you, Jake for giving us specific things to pray over. Your family is covered. I am glad the Warm Place is right around the corner for you guys.

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jake, I will pray for your sleep and memory-you have a lot going on. I know you find great comfort in prayer:) I will pray for your dad and family. I will also pray for Katelyn and "The Yikes":) I am taking Marriage and Family Counseling over the winter break. My professor who is also a counselor talked about how the Family is a unit and what goes on with one family member affects the family unit. He used a mobile as an analogy. He said if a mobile gets bumped in a certain spot it not only affects that spot but all the other pieces are affected. Prayers go out to you and your family. Peace In Christ, Pam Gillum