Monday, December 15, 2008

Every Day

My sis posted a really nice post about Jess on Nov. 16th that I've neglected to mention until now: Here's the link to her blog

Today was a good day. It was pretty cold day today but I have a really warm coat for my morning duty before school. I was pretty amazed though as some students arrived in shorts and t-shirts. Some even wore flip-flops. Either they were transfer students from Alaska or they were in denial. All of my classes are now reading Anne Frank the play. One of my students summed it perfectly when she said this stuff is pretty cool-- I mean no it isn't, but it's cool anyway.

Every day Katelyn tells me how many days it is until Christmas. She has been doing that for over a month now. Bryn always tells me the same thing every day as I drop her off, she tells me that she will tell me if she gets to be the line leader or caboose. She used to tell Jess that even when she was too sick to respond back. Jadyn always asks me what we are doing. It just about drives her nuts when I say I don't know yet, but when I'm able to tell her an hour-by-hour schedule she is heaven. I think the only thing I tell me kids every day is that I love them.

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Lynne said...

Jake --- telling the girls you love them is the best thing they can hear.

with care and prayers,