Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tail Spin

We read "Pecos Bill" today in class so I wore the cowboy hat I'll be wearing for my part in Bryn's talent show. It was a lot of fun-- it got me thinking about wearing overalls and a straw hat when we start reading Tom Sawyer.

The temperature dropped today and I realized that although the Yikes have coats they didn't have thick ones. One quick trip to the store fixed that-- I got them reversible ones which is pretty cool because when they forget one on the playground it will be like losing two. The most exciting thing today though is that Bryn has learned to snap and unsnap her pants-- she is super excited and proud. KK just came in after going out for dinner after her basketball game. She almost didn't make it in because I left the door open for her. She of course didn't try to open the door and instead tried to unlock it which of course really locked it. I heard her grunt and go say "What the heck?" Then she retried but turning it one way which unlocked it and then back again to try and unlock it again, but of course she locked it again. She finally got it open but not before she and her friend Kim who had walked her up were laughing hysterically.

On with the camp story. I remained bothered by being forgiven because of "what Jesus did" the rest of the summer. I still didn't believe what my fellow counselors did, but although I was intrigued I also didn't see the benefit of being a Christian. I still didn't believe in heaven or hell. That was when bad things started happening to me. I got ticked off at my best friend from high school and when I peeled out in my car I hit car head on. Although the force sent my car spinning off the road onto another road and then into a tree, my car was wrecked but I came away with only a concussion. I took a flight back to Texas where things got worse. I started losing all my other friends due to them moving, fights, whatever. My dad and step-mom began preparations to move to Maryland which would leave me with no family in Texas. I was in serious danger of losing my job and became estranged from my boss who had become like a dad to me. Not only was my life spinning out of control, I had lost my support system. Find out what happened next tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Last week, Bryn learned how to snap her fingers....this week the pants. You can't get much better than that! Thank you for posting Jadyn's list. I am not surprised she included a request just for Bryn. Jessa would be proud. However, I bet she would say, "Not another stuffed animal!" What a blessing all three of them are to us, Jake.

Aunt Sandy